Feathered Star Quilt/Block

I have wanted to make a Feathered Star quilt or, at least a block, for a long time. It has been on my Dream/Future Project list for a long time.

I first got interested in the Feathered Star design when I heard Marsha McCloskey speak at a guild meeting. She has worked with the Feathered Star design for most of her career. She has also written books, designed fabric and created tools. Most Modern quiltmakers have probably never heard of her. I consider her to be one of the greats.

Recently, I received the two EQ Feathered Star Add-ons as a gift. Now I have no excuse for not making SOMETHING with this design.

As another sign from the universe, I saw a Barbara Brackman blog post where she talks about Feathered Star. I think some of the blocks would appeal to modern quiltmakers. The way the dye has faded gives them an interesting asymmetrical look.

I am thinking about making a Feathered Star laid out like a Lone Star – one block very large. I also plan to make it as complicated as I can stand (like the large red/blue option in the Feathered Stars #1 above) so that it looks impressive. I have looked through the EQ options, but only cursorily. I need to look at them further and decide.

Do you have any experience with Feathered Star quilts or blocks?