Various & Sundry 2022 #3

Other Artists

Sandy over at Quilting for the Rest of Us is back. She is blogging again and, apparently, podcasting, too. I got out of the habit of listening to podcasts when my last iPod died, so haven’t checked. I hope that means that the design series episodes we did back in the day will be available again. I also haven’t checked, but will put that on my list.

Check out Friend Julie’s February Cornucopia post. Lots of great links! I love the one about the newly discovered mosaic. At first, I thought the floor was a kind of medallion. If it is the inset (sort of) triangles make a really interesting design. Julie said it inspired her to possibly make a quilt. Me, too. It also reminds me of a book

Tools, Books, Fabrics, Notions & Supplies

This video on why irons leak was posted to my guild forum. People commented on how useful it was.

I may have shared this shop, Modern Quilt Company, with you before, but it is worth sharing again.

I got a link to the new Keepsake Quilting website. I remember getting the catalog and poring over it with a friend, buying fabrics by writing their numbers and descriptions on an order form and sending it in. Their stock seems to be much reduced, however I was interested to see A LOT of different rulers. Many of them I had never seen before. If you are in the market for longarming or quilting rulers, take a look. I was also interested to see Century solids. They are described as “Andover Fabrics’ Century Solids collection is 100 hues of 100% premium fine-combed cotton with a lovely hand and drape.” I am very tempted by the swatch card, but since I won’t be buying any solids for the time being, I am resisting.

I know I haven’t been on my Tula kick recently, but I am back on that horse today. Tula talks about covering a backpack she made with vinyl to protect parts of it. Genius! Why didn’t I think of that? She also mentions the new ByAnnie vinyl product, which is great, because you can actually see the edge to cut it!

Check out Marsha McCloskey’s Sale Table, if you want some books at great prices or years worth of Quilter’s Newsletter Magazines.

For Aussie friends, I found an interfacing comparison chart, so you can buy interfacing in country for bag making. Less wait time, fewer supply chain issues. Will we still have to worry about supply chain?

Projects, Classes, Patterns & Tutorials

You all know I love Sew Sweetness patterns. I was scrolling through the FB group the other day and saw that someone had made the Hyacinth bag. I didn’t recognize the name and couldn’t bring the design to mind, so I looked it up when I was next at my computer. This is an overlooked gem! It is an older pattern, but a great, larger crossbody bag. As Sara says on her site, it would be perfect for attending an event like a quilt show.

In the Tula Tuesday video mentioned above (about vinyl), Tula also mentions a video for adding rivets to a project. I found it on YouTube, which was linked from the Sallie Tomato website.

Natalie from Sew Hungry Hippie has a great kit for a zipper bag using one of her fun vinyls. The vinyl is called Deep Space soft vinyl. The pieces are already cut!! There is a video walk-through included. This is a great project if you haven’t used vinyl. I have had good experiences using Natalie’s vinyl.

I saw another Tula video where she talks about fussy cutting. As she says, there is one out there, but why not do it again? The video talks about three types of fussy cutting: highlighting a motif, kaleidoscope effect and stripes, which she says is its own method. I saw the details in this video before in a Fat Quarter Shop video.This is a shorter video (25 min vs an hour-ish?), but still useful. I’ll try and find the longer one when I have a minute. It probably won’t be this time around.

Sallie Tomato has a pattern for the Townsend bag, which is similar, if smaller to the Cavalcade bag by Sew Sweetness. This bottom zipper compartment design is popular lately. Making both would make a great set and using Tula’s vinyl trick would keep the bottom clean while traveling. I haven’t tried Sallie Tomato patterns, but I have purchased her hardware. Maybe I’ll get the Townsend pattern and make a set with the Cavalcade bag?

Articles and other Information

QuiltCon ended a week or so ago and the winners raise a lot of questions in the quilt community. Quilting Daily had an interesting editorial.

You can find a list of the winners on the QuiltCon site.

I perused the QuiltCon site briefly and was disappointed they did not link out to the vendor websites. Probably better as I might have bought more quilt supplies.

Jane Brody is retiring from the NYT at 80. I read her last article in which she referred to an article on the health benefits of knitting. You may need a subscription, check your library. Substitute quiltmaking for knitting. I am pretty sure similar findings would apply.