La Pass Month 8 More Progress

As crazy as it was, I brought La Pass Month 8 with me to Portland. I was able to get a few pieces sewn down once we got to Portland.

La Pass Month 8 Rosette in progress
La Pass Month 8 Rosette in progress

I am adding Month 8 pieces to the Month 7 rosette in a ring like I did with Month 1 and 2.

I don’t know if I am sewing the pieces in the most efficient way, but my method is working for me. It is also just evolving. On this piece, I started sewing a whole section together. You can see that on the top towards the right. It didn’t seem to make sense to me to do that way; it seemed awkward somehow.

I tried to think of the pieces in the Hearts and Cones configuration I talked about before. I couldn’t see the pieces that way and nobody in the La Pass/Pink Door FB group made any suggestions. I decided that getting the black diamonds in place would get them out of the way and they would be less annoying to sew on their own. They are to see because of the black table, but they are in between the butterflies.

Later, I wanted to sew while the YM cooked, but I didn’t want to bring my entire kit into the kitchen so I sewed the mineral (acid green fabric) pentagons into sets of two then added them to the Month 7 rosette later. I haven’t added them all yet, as I am trying to alternate the sewing the star points with sewing other pieces. Once I get all of the mineral pentagons then I will just sew chunks of small pentagons and star points to the piece.

I am still enjoying this project. I can’t wait to get back to it later today.