All the Bullseyes

I have a spot in my gallery for the Bullseyes, but it is unsatisfactory and I need to rewrite the page.  This needed, yet still undone, update spurred me on to show all of the bullseye quilts here.

I realized in looking at them that they are another color project like the Fabric of the Year quilts.

Finished: Original Bullseye
Finished: Original Bullseye

Original Bullseye: The black background provided a way for the other colors to shine out from the black.I like having each circle separate. I remember thinking how clever I was to include partial circles as well.

Seeing Red
Seeing Red

Seeing Red: The red background is bright and cheerful and I do like the way the loops are continuous.

Feelin' Blue
Feelin’ Blue

Feelin’ Blue: we decided that trying different shapes would be a good idea. I had to add background pieces to prevent jagged edges or partial squares. While I like this quilt, I prefer the circular versions.

Finished: Passionate Purple
Finished: Passionate Purple

Passionate Purple: this one might be my favorite, though all of the different quilts bring something special. I like the way the loops are finite and that they are different sizes. I hesitate to duplicate the idea for the recent orange version, but I am sorely tempted.

I really want to make quilts in this style from all the colors with my friends. I don’t want to do them by myself. The element of surprise when others add the rounds is part of the fun.

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  1. It’s so fun to see your bullseye quilts all at once. I think you’re right that the fun is seeing what the other people put on for their rounds. Here’s to making our way through the rainbow eventually…

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