La Pass M11 Arrived

La Pass Month 11 Arrived
La Pass Month 11 Arrived

Yay! Month 11 is here! The pretty pink package arrived the other day and I getting ready to baste.

This was supposed to be a beast because Pink Door had to move some of the rosettes due to shipping delays. It doesn’t seem awful to me.

La Pass Month 11 Fabric
La Pass Month 11 Fabric

There is a lot of fabric, however. This is the first month that will include Tula’s new line, Tiny Beasts.

The rosettes also include the Alice fabric. The directions say to fussy cut her face, but I am going to skip that part. I’ll figure out a way to use the other parts of the fabric.

All the fabric is washed, so I can get started as soon as I have a spare minute.

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2 thoughts on “La Pass M11 Arrived”

    1. Yes. As I often say there is no shortage of fabric here. That said, I am going to use the lacy parts of the Alice fabric. I have already cut and recut various pieces. We’ll see which ones I end up using.

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