Book Review: Simply Modern Patchwork Quilts

Carina Gardner's Simply Modern Patchwork Quilts: 12 Posy Garden Quilts and Sewing Projects for the Beginning QuilterCarina Gardner’s Simply Modern Patchwork Quilts: 12 Posy Garden Quilts and Sewing Projects for the Beginning Quilter by Carina Gardner

I received this book for free as an affiliate of Creative Fabrica. It is a self-published ebook, which you can find on the Creative Fabrica site. I was able to download it as a PDF, which opened with no problems in my normal PDF viewing software.

The table of contents contains an Introduction, Guest Pattern Designers and then Patterns in Section 1 and Finishing in Section 2 (pg.4).

In the Introduction, Ms. Gardner talks about how she came to quiltmaking and relays that she designed a fabric line for Riley Blake which debuted in 2016 at Quilt Market in Salt Lake City. She names the guest designers who are all new to me. There are brief bios of these designers on page 6.

Patterns start immediately with a design called Modern Granny Pillow. This design, made with larger squares, could be a donation top design really easily. The pattern is 3-4 pages long. The page numbers disappear when the patterns start.

An eBook makes it hard for me to flip through and decide on my favorite pattern. I like the first pattern for the possibilities. The second pattern, however, a Sawtooth Star mini quilt, appeals just because I love Sawtooth Stars. Gardner calls the pattern “Clean Star”.

The patterns use a variety of different techniques. The Starburst Paper Pieced Pattern is paper pieced and the paper piecing patterns to make the project are included right with the text, not at the end of the book, as with most commercial publications. That is a nice feature. I notice that there is no ‘square’ included with the paper piecing pattern to help readers figure out the size. Of course, you can make it whichever size you want.

Some great quilting is shown in the Garden Prairie Mini Quilt by Christine Cook. This is the last pattern in the book and does not include instructions for quilting.

All of the patterns are fairly easy and very appealing, especially when using bright fabrics contrasted with bright whites or cool greys. More traditional calicos and even Civil War prints would look good, too.

Section 2 about finishing starts immediately after the patterns. The first part talks about backing. The author discusses how much is needed depending on the type of quilting. She also talks about how to finish pillows and discusses challenges with ending up with different sized projects.

The Binding subsection follows. Ms. Gardner makes clear that she cuts all bindings on the straight of the grain. She mentions bias binding and how it stretches, but does not compare the two types of bindings or enumerate the benefits of bias binding. In the book, they are considered equivalent.

Ms Gardner shows how to bind a quilt including creating a mitered corner and creating an invisible join. The Finishing section also talks about piping. I have not seen piping included in very many books I have reviewed. She uses width-of-fabric (WOF) strips whereas I might use bias strips. Clearly WOF strips have worked for the author.

There is no supply list for this section and I think that might be helpful because she springs the fact that the reader needs a zipper foot midway through the process. Still, the instructions are basic, but clear and make me want to try piping again.

There are two full quilt patterns in the book as Easter Eggs (like in video games). Both are expanded from other projects in the book.

If you need quick, satisfying and relatively easy patterns, this book will satisfy your desire. Pull some favorite fabrics out of your stash and any loss of sewing mojo will be quickly restored.

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La Pass Month 12 Basted and Started

La Pass Month 12 Basted and Started
La Pass Month 12 Basted and Started

Month 12 arrived and I did a bit of cutting, but thought I could do the rest when I went to Sew Day. I was almost able to finish, but not quite. I spent some time that same day to finish after I got home, but before dinner. That was exciting because that meant I could start working on M12 right after dinner. ( yes, I lead a simple life. Partying for me is an evening with John Barnaby and my DH. 🙂   )

It was a bit of a trial to cut and baste. I didn’t want to use the Squirrel or Raccoon fabric. Because I am determined to use the fabric, I tried really hard to fussy cut around the squirrels and raccoons. I couldn’t find an appealing angle that would give me enough of the shapes I needed. It didn’t help that that shape I needed was the largest pentagon.

I switched the fabrics out when I got home. I used the coneflowers instead of the raccoons and the Daydreamer flamingo fabric instead of the squirrels. I alternated the flamingos with another part of the fabric that included more blue and green to help with the transition between rosettes. Apparently, birds are not animals in my crazy mind and I don’t mind them looking at me through eternity.

Anyway, I am super excited to be working on this project again.