Airport Art

Airport Art: description
Airport Art: description

On my way back from a recent trip, I saw some quilt art in the airport. Yes this was my first airline trip since 2019. I actually don’t remember my last airline trip.

I am always pleased when textiles get their day in the sun. While the Phoenix airport is not the Met, it is still a venue that has a lot of possibilities for people to view the artwork.

In this case, I saw a quilt and a chair with quilted and embellished elements in this exhibit.

Airport Art: Globemallow Kaleidoscope
Airport Art: Globemallow Kaleidoscope

The quilt has photos printed on it. This is not a favorite technique of mine, but I applaud the work the artist, Margit Kagerer, did on this quilt.

N.B.: sorry about the reflection. The quilt was under glass and, although I tried a lot of different angles, I could get rid of the reflection. I was playing with some photo manipulation, but haven’t succeeded in getting rid of the reflection.

Airport Art: Globemallow Kaleidoscope detail
Airport Art: Globemallow Kaleidoscope detail

Getting some detail shots helped and also made it easier to see what was going on in the quilt.

This quilt has a lot of detailed machine quilting.

You can also see that the piecing looks like a kaleidoscope in the flower photo, left.

Airport Art: Globemallow Kaleidoscope detail 2
Airport Art: Globemallow Kaleidoscope detail 2

I am pretty sure this is piece is not longarm quilted.

Again, this photo has a reflection, but you can see more detailed quilting in the bottom of the photo.

I am interested in what Margit’s original photographs looked like. In order to answer that question, I would have put the original photographs on the back of the quilt. I had no way to see if she did that and I don’t see more information about the quilt on the web anywhere.

This work really reminds me of the fearlessness of Friend Julie‘s work.

Get Set - Coloring Outside the Lines
Get Set – Coloring Outside the Lines

I was more interested in the chair that also has some quilted elements. I have been interested in reupholstering chairs with quilts or quilted panels since I made the Tuffets and also since I saw Tula’s Elizabeth chair* as well as her Monkey Wrench chairs.

The chair was well protected, so I had some trouble getting detail shots.

Get Set - Coloring Outside the Lines detail
Get Set – Coloring Outside the Lines detail

This chair is definitely art and not seating. The seat had beading in the flower, which I don’t think would be very comfortable.

I really like the idea of upholstering furniture in patchwork. I think it would give the furniture a unique appearance.

Get Set - Coloring Outside the Lines back detail
Get Set – Coloring Outside the Lines back detail

The artist used the entire chair for her artwork, including the back. The sun reminds me of the sun in Beach Town. I really like the thistle-like flowers. The background texture kept me looking at the piece for awhile.

I have mixed feelings about airport art, but I did enjoy seeing these pieces.











*N.B. 12 July 2022: I wasn’t able to find a photo of the Elizabeth chair, but you can see it some of her Tuesday videos. I will add the link if I am able to find one.