Zipper Pouch Made

Cyndi B's Zipper Pouch
Cyndi B’s Zipper Pouch

After we finished the bag, my friend decided she wanted to make a pouch as well. I immediately knew what to do.

Sotak Handmade on IG creates short videos about how to make pouches. Remember her? I made the purse organizer from her pattern. She sells patterns, so the IG videos  are very quick and simple. They work for simple pouches. I found one of her videos that would suit our needs.

The beauty of this video was the fabric sizes didn’t matter except in one instance. I cut the leftover fabric in a size that would use as much as possible and we got busy. The pouch turned out pretty well.

The part that was problematic was the zipper tabs. I understand the concept of zipper tabs, but I ran into problems with the size. I made them over large whereas the video showed the pouch having a small space between the end of the zipper tab and the side of the pouch.

Making the zipper tabs over large meant no space for stuff to fall out. It also meant that the closing of the whole pouch was not smooth. The center edges by the zipper were large and lumpy and I couldn’t follow what Sotak did on the video. This is when the light dawned and I understood why the zipper tabs were shorter. Now I know.

None of this fabric was mine, so I don’t get to add anything to my Fabric Usage Report, sadly.

I want to make more quick zipper pouches now. I use the same technique I use with scraps for Journal Covers.