OdiCoat Test

I am making a Percheron Pouch and was finally organized enough to coat the bottom with OdiCoat**.

Preparing to apply Odicoat
Preparing to apply Odicoat

Using Odicoat means rough cutting a pattern piece, then applying two layers to fabric. The first layer has to dry before the second layer can be applied.

As you know, I try to avoid messy projects, but I do like protecting the bottoms of my bags if I can. The iron-on vinyl isn’t ideal. It is wearing through and pulling away from the bottom of one of the bags on which I used it.

I had time to use the OdiCoat, so I did it. I applied on the kitchen counter, using wax paper to keep the counter clean. I allowed it to dry for 24 hours, which the directions say. I found that it was mostly dry much earlier, but I could tell the difference after 24 hours.

Two layers later I found that the piece, which was rough cut, had a plastic feeling layer on top.

Now I’ll have to see how it sews!













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