Assembling La Pass Rosettes

I am still working on assembling smaller sections of La Passacaglia. I sewed some Month 13/14 together with some Month 11 rosettes that will end up in the upper left hand corner. In May and June I sewed Month 7 to M6 and 10, so this isn’t a new phenomenon. I tend to sew various rosettes together when I am waiting for the next BOM packet to arrive. I am trying to keep the sections small, so they fit in my giant box, but it isn’t working.

Matching up rosettes
Matching up rosettes

When I sew the rosettes together, I have make sure I am matching up the rosettes properly. This picture shows that some of the star points (see the purple with the small dots?) don’t work. At a point like this, I have to decide if I am going to change out a piece or live with it.

I followed the directions, and checked back to make sure. The purple dotted star point does not properly complete the teacup star. I changed it out.

In a way, this is part of the fun even though picking out stitches isn’t that fun.