More Blocks for Scrappy Celebration

9 Patch with large center #2
9 Patch with large center #2

After encouraging my sewjo a little bit with the Spiky 16 Patch, I made some more blocks for the Scrappy Celebration quilt.

I have to admit I was dreading this block a little bit because the first one took so long to sew. I concentrated on chain piecing this one and it went more quickly.

I did forget to use the other blue fabric, so it looks the same as #1. Still, it is done and I can move on to other blocks.

Plus block #2
Plus block #2

I also made the second Plus block, which completes the top row. Unlike the 9 patch above, I have decided to make the Plus blocks different colors. Well, I have decided that the pluses will be different colors. I have been longing to use that emerald green again, so here it is.

I like the combination of the red-violet and that emerald.

Scrappy Celebration blocks - June 2023
Scrappy Celebration blocks – June 2023

I moved some of the blocks around so the completed block layout I have looks different now.

Not a lot of progress, but over a small hump and progress is progress.