No Paper Sewing FPP

Julie told me about foundation paper piecing where you don’t sew through the paper. I meant to have her show me at the last Sew Day, but somehow we didn’t get around to it.

As my stack of postcards grew, I knew I needed to do something, so I watched a video called My FPP (Foundation Paper Piecing) No Sew Paper Method and was able to get started.


What a game changer! I might actually start to use FPP more.

I am not doing a tutorial right now, but might in the future. It would be a good technique to teach in my Sampler class.

Fold pattern over thin ruler
Fold pattern over thin ruler

One of the keys is folding the paper back. The video I watched show using the Add-a-Quarter** ruler to fold the paper back. I have that ruler, but it didn’t work the way I expected. I have a very thin Bernina ruler I got somewhere and that worked very well for me.

I also have a thin plastic grid ruler**, which I haven’t tried that might work well also.

There are a few different videos on this technique. Julie said she uses this technique in a little different way, but that what it shows is basically the same.

One good thing about this technique is that I don’t have to print paper patterns all the time, use them once and then print another. Great reuse!!







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