July 2023 Donation Blocks

After seeing what Peggy did with a few of my coordinated donation blocks from last month, I decided to create some more for her to work with. Of course, that means going through my box and choosing the same colors. It doesn’t really matter to me which fabrics I use. It just matters that I use up the squares crammed in my little donation squares box. Black and grey blocks will be good for a boy.

I am also starting to work on more color strip blocks in black and grey. First, I’ll make some for the rainbow version I am planning and then for a grey version alone. I have a lot to do on those quilts.

Starting Ends n.17 top

Ends n.17 (Plaid) - start
Ends n.17 (Plaid) – start

Trying to assuage my guilt at not wanting to make log cabin blocks, I started another Ends quilt top for the guild.

The plaids are from the Plaid Block Party quilt I finished in 2020. I am enjoying using these fabrics again.

I wonder if three quilts is enough to make up for my reluctance to make the log cabin blocks?

Finished Knitting Needles Case #2

Finished: Knitting Needles Case #2: closed
Finished: Knitting Needles Case #2: closed

I sewed the binding on to the Knitting Needles Case #2 on Tuesday night and was able to finish the piece. It is great! I really like it. It will be hard to give away. Fortunately, I have more of the poppy fabric so I could make another.

I love the way this closes up so neatly. The roll is so slim and convenient to carry. Of course, I haven’t crammed 100 needles into it yet!

I think my choice of binding was better this time as well. The tone-on-tone red compliments the flora fabric much better than the stripes I used on the first Knitting Needles case.

Finished: Knitting Needles Case #2: open, inside
Finished: Knitting Needles Case #2: open, inside

I was very careful with the fabric, both on the outside and the inside. I wanted it to line up properly and be oriented in the right way.

I really wanted to see the poppy fabric. I decided to use the canvas for the pockets instead of for the inside lining. I used to have some of this fabric in cotton. I made a Petrillo Bag out of it. I should have looked to see if I had enough to cut the pockets out of it. It didn’t occur to me until I had already sewn the pieces together, so maybe I’ll make this bag again and use the cotton, if I still have some.

The inside came out pretty well. I sewed carefully because of the thickness, but really had no problems. I think the turquoise dot fabric goes very well with the Poppy print

Finished: Knitting Needles Case #2: exterior
Finished: Knitting Needles Case #2: exterior

The zipper, if a tiny bit short, went in very well and matches the fabric very well.

I plan to use the Poppy print for a Sheffield bag, but I may also make a Kit Supply Tote with it. I really like that fabric.

Ends n.16 Top

Ends n.16
Ends n.16

Ends n.16 went together very quickly. I actually worked on it at lunchtime the other day, then after work yesterday and I was done. Of course, I had everything out and available, which made the process go faster. Now it is ready for Sew Day next week.

Yes, I used that crazy turkey fabric from the pillowcases I made last fall. LOL!

Finished: Typewriter Hackney

Typewriter Hackney - Top
Typewriter Hackney – Top

I finished Lil Sissy’s birthday gift over the weekend and was able to get it off in the mail in time for her birthday, which was yesterday.

She writes a daily journal entry on a manual typewriter. While I plan to go back to Paris fabric for her soon, I saw this typewriter fabric and thought it might tickle her.

Typewriter Hackney - Top & Front
Typewriter Hackney – Top & Front

This Hackney is another large version and went together pretty well. I do better if I don’t have to break the process at the end, but needs must.

I am pleased with how well this looks. I struggled a bit with the top stitching on the top, but eventually got it right.

Typewriter Hackney - Top Inside
Typewriter Hackney – Top Inside

I used one of the Marcia Derse fabrics for the inside. I thought it was entertaining and would appeal to Lil Sissy.

The inside, again, has some elastic to keep pens and tools in place. I saw another one I made and was reminder that I put three or four strips of elastic on earlier versions to improve stability. I may have to do that again. Or go back to the top mesh pocket as per the pattern.

Typewriter Hackney - interior
Typewriter Hackney – interior

I machine sewed the opening closed and I hope my sister won’t notice. I think it will be fine once she puts some stuff in it.

Hooray! Another finished project.

Maybe I should make myself one of these? 😉

New Knitting Needles Case Progress

Poppies Knitting Needles Bag - inside
Poppies Knitting Needles Bag – inside

I made some good progress since my last post.

You can see that I added the flaps to the top. This keeps the needles in the bag when it is closed. The case rolls up, sort of, so the straight needles could fall out if there were no flaps.

Poppies Knitting Needles Bag - inside with exterior
Poppies Knitting Needles Bag – inside with exterior

I was also able to start putting the exterior together. One thing I did was add the snap and I also sewed the zipper pocket.

I was pleased that I had done inside zipper pockets before as I found the start of this step confusing to read. The pictures are good, so once I took a look at them, I remembered what I was supposed to be doing.

This is a good use of 8″ zippers. I think using a 9″ zipper might be better. I would have to trim it, but the assembly wouldn’t be as tight.

I had fun pounding the snaps into place. There is somethign satisfying about pounding. 😉  I checked the Tinberry/ZaudalCreates videos for the positioning of the various parts. I also used the Sew Sweetness video on how to use the Snapsetter. Using both helped me to get the snaps installed the way they should be. 

Next step is to sew the pieces together and apply the binding.

New Knitting Needles Bag

Poppies Knitting Needles Bag
Poppies Knitting Needles Bag

A few Sew Days ago, I cut out another Knitting Needles Bag. This will be a gift for a friend who is a great knitter.

I used the Tinberry/ ZaudalCreates pattern that I discussed before. If you want to buy this pattern, make sure you get the bundle. It is easy to miss.

I used the Joel Dewberry poppy fabric in canvas from several years ago. I got a lot of nice comments on the fabric.

Yesterday, I got out all the pieces and worked on it. I need to get it done as someone has volunteered to take a package to Austria and mail it for me. This saves on postage.

I made good progress and have the inside piece with the pockets made. I should be able to finish soon

It was helpful to have the first one I made handy so I could see what the end result looked like. I often wonder how I made the first one when I read pattern directions. 😉

I also used the video, which I noticed had time markers with links in the description. Very useful!

Ends n.15 Top

Ends n.15top finished (not quilted)
Ends n.15 (not quilted)

I quickly made another donation top  using some of the edges of the good quilts I have made in the past.

I wanted to use up some yardage (the taupe) that I won’t use for other quilts.I still have a lot of strips from the edges of various quilts to use up as well.

Also, there is a community quilt day next month where we will be making log cabin quilts. I don’t enjoy making log cabin blocks, so I decided to make as many quilt tops as I could to donate between now and then.

I didn’t make a back and thought I wouldn’t, but now I think I will.

Some Sew Day Photos

July 2023 Meeting Setup
July 2023 Meeting Setup

Part of Super Sew Day was the meeting. We couldn’t meet at our regular location so we met at the church where we have Sew Day and combined it with an extra Friday to make a Super Sew Day.

We used one of the design walls as a screen, which made me smile.

Orphan block community quilt
Orphan block community quilt

Claire showed off some Community quilts she made using random assortments of orphan blocks. She was trying to get people to take some of the packets of orphan blocks she had put together.

She chose well for the blue and gold quilt!

Orphan block community quilt
Orphan block community quilt

A couple of my 16 patch donation blocks were in this predominantly orange quilt.

Claire used other leftovers to put the quilt together.

I thought the whole presentation was a good idea and the examples were well done.

More Scrappy Celebration

I made a few more Scrappy Celebration blocks last week when I was off of work. I think they are coming out nicely. The colors are an interesting combination.

Scrappy Celebration D6
Scrappy Celebration D6

I really like the way this 9 Patch/ 4 Patch combination came out.

I was really good about making several of these blocks last week, but have been off my game on them since the weekend.

Started Typewriter Hackney

Typewriter Hackney gusset
Typewriter Hackney gusset

Right after finishing the Brown Stitch Hackney, I started this Typewriter Hackney. I am pretty pleased with this gusset. I fussy cut it to highlight the typewriters and it is coming out pretty well.

I also added a handle, which is lined up almost perfectly through no effort on my part. The handle motifs line up with gusset if it is flattened against the gusset. I am probably making too much out of it!

Typewriter Hackney in process
Typewriter Hackney in process

Half Hexie + Magnums

Sew Tite Magnums
Sew Tite Magnums

A few weeks ago I talked about the Sew Tite Magnums**. I finally broke down and bought some. I thought my opportunity to use them had past because I had sewn the two halves of the La Passacaglia together.

Half Hexie with Sew Tite Magnums
Half Hexie with Sew Tite Magnums

Lately, as mentioned, I have been working on the Half Hexie Star quilt. I have large section to add in and started on it on Saturday night. As I struggled to keep the four stars in place so I could anchor then sew them, I remembered the Sew Tite Magnums. I tried them out and they work really well!

I think the length really helps to keep the layers of paper and fabric in place. It was much easier to anchor the four half hexie stars on which I was working into place using the Sew Tite Magnums.

Lindsay warned me that they are hard to peel apart. She was not wrong! Still they worth the trouble and the cost. They are not cheap, which is why I don’t have dozens of them.





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