La Pass Border Weirdness

La Pass: larger border pieces
La Pass: larger border pieces

I have been dabbling on working on the border. The other day, I tried putting a bunch of pieces together to make a larger piece. I wasn’t sure it was right, so I asked Lindsay, who said it looked pretty normal to her.

I laid this out on the coffee table close to the time I was finishing up for the night. I didn’t want to start anything new right then, but I took a photo so I could remember what I had laid out.

La Pass: larger border piece ready for fabric
La Pass: larger border piece ready for fabric

After Lindsay confirmed, I laid out the top and looked at it like that rather than bunched up on the coffee table. It looked like it would work, so I started taping the pieces together.

I have also been replacing some pieces where the motifs were never finished with background pieces. I don’t know if it will make the other motifs look better, but I think it will help them stand out.

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    1. Thanks. I really enjoy the challenge, though I have to say that the border is a big pain. Of course, it is my own fault and I could just cut the whole top square and be done with it.

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