More La Pass Border

I have the feeling that the border might take me as long as the top of the quilt. If it weren’t for that one fabulous rosette, I might just cut off the edges and move on with my life.

Finishing points and adding background
Finishing points and adding background

I did do some organization the other day, which gave me almost a week of evenings with hand sewing ready to go.  I know there will be an end, but I haven’t seen it yet, so it seems to be an ever ending process.

I do get small bonuses, which include finishing some points, like the green ones shown in the photo, that I didn’t expect to finish. They will be sticking into the background, so will show up nicely.

At least I hope they will.

Finishing up a star
Finishing up a star

There is a certain amount of hunting and gathering that I have to do at least once a week. I have to figure out which rosettes to finish and which to cut off, then how I will deal with the background.

I just have to get some straight edges, then I can sew larger pieces of fabric to those edges and be done.

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