AngelaB’s 2-in-1 Case

AngelaB's 2-in-1 Case
AngelaB’s 2-in-1 Case

Angela is a relatively new member who volunteered to make one of the 2-in-1 cases for the officers. She did a really wonderful job!

The colors are really great. I think the binding picks up and enhances the purple in the dragonfly print really well.

I love the fussy cutting she did, though she claims it was a happy accident. The cover really looks like the dragonflies were placed intentionally.

AngelaB's 2-in-1 Case - interior
AngelaB’s 2-in-1 Case – interior

The inside mimics the outside, but uses a lighter print to still allow the owner to see what is inside.

She really matched the interior print and the zippers well.

AngelaB's 2-in-1 Case - interior detail
AngelaB’s 2-in-1 Case – interior detail

Angela’s zippers also went in beautifully.

I am completely impressed with this version of the case. You can see the other completed 2-in-1 Cases in a previous post and my, second, in process case in a post from earlier this week.