Pantone Ideas

Pantone ideas - first iteration
Pantone ideas – first iteration

We are fast approaching the end of the Pantone Project block making aspect of the project. That means we are speeding quickly towards the design of the quilt phase. I looked for the ideas that I had generated last year and couldn’t find them so I sat down and doodled what I remembered,or thought I remembered.

I don’t have tons of spare time, so the doodles evolved over several days. The colors represent different days.

Remember, we have units based on Doreen Speckman’s system from her book, Pattern Play**. As an aside, I know most of you missed Doreen’s career in quiltmaking, but anything you can find on her is worth the effort. This book is all about designing quilts using units.

Pantone ideas - evolving
Pantone ideas – evolving

Friend Julie and I are using these units for our project, which means I used those units for my doodling. In putting together these units, I made larger designs. And that was super fun.

I started off thinking of a row quilt. I was a little stiff at the beginning, but as I worked, I started coming up with some interesting shapes using the units.

Umbrella shapes
Umbrella shapes

I am super excited about the umbrella/propeller shape, which makes me want to make more of those blocks. That is an added bonus for the doodling.

One issue I have not addressed is color. You know that each unit is a different color and we are making units from colors in the Pantone Postcard Box** as they inspire us not to any plan. I am not going to worry about that now. After all, I can always make a second quilt with the colors of my choice from the same design, if I want.

You can still play along. You will need:

Decisions to Make with your friend:

  • Size of units (blocks)
  • Type of units to make
  • Time frame for making the project
  • Time frame for sending postcards








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