Piebald Pouch in Process

Pink Piebald pouch (medium) in process
Pink Piebald pouch (medium) in process

I started sewing the newest Piebald pouch with a little trepidation. I remember finding the project hard when I made it before.

I started out with the fabric you see as the exterior. I wasn’t super happy with it, but couldn’t think what else to use. I didn’t want to use the pink dots again as I didn’t want to feel like I had to use them in every project. I am super happy I thought of the Flea Market Fancy from Denyse Schmidt for the exterior. It is working very well, especially because I wanted to fussy cut the flap and the front panel.

Pink Piebald pouch (medium) in process - exterior
Pink Piebald pouch (medium) in process – exterior

I am also happy that Sara uses the same size pieces for the lining and the exterior. I just switched the exterior fabric to the lining with no problem.

The sewing is going much better than I expected. Quickly I had the exterior standing up and ready for the lining.

One thing that was confusing was the handle. I think I measured correctly, but it came out much longer than the picture shows. I decided to keep it and call the extra length a wristlet.