Various & Sundry 2024 #1


I updated the gifts post as I received something recently.

I also updated the Color Strip & Chunk donation top page. I have made 16 of these tops!

Tools, Books, Fabric, Notions & Supplies

zipper pulls
zipper pulls

It is so much easier to open a zipper on one of my bags when I attach a zipper pull. I have been trying to find nice zipper pulls in packages of several. I found some on Amazon**, but wonder if you have ever bought them? These look easy to use and have a nice design.

I heard about Felt Right Tiles, which some quiltmakers are raving about. I almost went ahead and bought a set to replace the ‘new’ design wall. I am not happy with the current large design wall, because my fabric pieces don’t stick to it. I am glad I read more about the Felt Right tiles before I took the plunge. One of the FAQs on their site says “Will quilting fabric designs stick to Felt Right tiles without pins?
Some quilters choose to apply batting or flannel to the tiles before placing pieces of fabric. Without batting, you will need to use pins or thumbtacks to hang fabric.” Having to add felt or batting kind of defeats the purpose for me, though they would be snug against the wall, which would be convenient. I’ll keep looking.

Projects, Classes, Patterns & Tutorials

The guild had a pincushion swap for the holiday party. This set my mind to thinking about pincushions, which I looked at on Instagram and Pinterest for a few days. Carrie shared a pincushion image with me, which sent me off to the blog post about it. It is from Anna Graham’s (Noodle-Head) book, Handmade Style**. I am also sharing the tutorial for a Wagon Wheel pincushion, another one from from Noodle-Head. I like round pincushions.

I am working my way through various Quiltfolk issues. One for Illinois has Mary Fons’ Little Black Dress Quilt on the front. I might want to make this quilt. It looks interesting, so I went hunting. I found a picture of it straight on. I also found that you can buy the pattern from Quilting Daily.

Jane Sassaman has a virtual class coming up in January and February. I want to take it, but the time is inconvenient, so I have to think about it.

K Azcona Designs has some interesting shaped bag patterns such as Y-fronts, stars, ice cream cones and hearts.

Quilter’s Color Mixer is a live, virtual event with ten expert quilting instructors happening on February 3rd, 2024. Join this live event for a multiple classes where you’ll learn about color theory, the history of color, creating custom color palettes for your quilts, stash-busting techniques, ombré designs, designing with prints, and so much more! Come for the mini masterclasses and stay for the giveaways, a virtual swag bag, and an opportunity to connect with makers worldwide! Lynn Koolish’s session is all about how to transform your stash with paints & dyes while learning about color mixing. Save $20 off your ticket with Lynn’s code MIX24LYNN. The cost when I clicked on the link was $59.99.
Julie has a short tutorial on using fusible batting.

Media, Books and Articles

The San Jose Museum of Quilts and Textiles is looking for volunteers! In 2024 The Museum will be launching a new community program; our very own Social Needlework Circle. We are looking for enthusiastic volunteers to offer support during our drop-in hours. We are excited to grow together and welcome you to our fiber community. If you’re interested in joining our team, please fill out their form

I recommend the Sewcial Sunday video from Sew Sweetness, if you are interested in waxed canvas. Sara interviews a friend who is an expert in using waxed canvas.

Events, Shops, Exhibits and Shows

Jonathan Shannon’s quilts are at the San Jose Museum of Quilts & Textiles through April 7. He had at least one quilt at an EBHQ show where I also displayed a quilt. At the beginning of my quiltmaking adventure, his quilts were VERY controversial because of the themes of some of his quilts. Seeing his quilts inspired me to make some quilts commenting on political situations. Seeing what he experienced gave me the courage to express bottled up feelings about situations where I was powerless. I am thrilled that the museum has 20 of his quilts. The link above shows several that I remember seeing in person.

I stumbled across the site, Abandoned America, on Atlas Obscura. It has a lot of interesting photos, though I am not 100% in love with the old, decrepit, and broken places. There is a kind of beauty in the photos. Also, it dovetails with a book I read last year, They Disappeared**, which features a lot of abandoned buildings and urban explorers. It is a good book with a lot of layers, a murder mystery, of course.

Other Artists

I have a soft spot in my heart for felt food. I have no idea why. I just think it is wonderful and a great toy for kids. You can imagine how thrilled I was to Lucy Sparrow’s work discussed in a local paper. I went looking at some of the links and saw this amazing spread for the Queen’s Jubilee. This UK artist’s website is full of wonderful images, too. I saw in one blog post that she sews on a Janome!

Julie wrote a post about the Hackney Bag I made her.

Creative Process
Creative Process

This is how creativity and working on some projects is for me. I didn’t make the difficult bags and quilts I make now when I started out. Even now, when I know a lot more, I go through this process.

Thanks to for a great drawing.









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