Starting Pink and Black QST #4

Pink & Black QST #3
Pink & Black QST #3

I started the fourth QST donation quilt. I wanted to use the pink 16 patches I had been making and this pattern is still interesting enough for me to want to make another top.

I am quite enamored of pink lately, for some reason. I am going with the flow and not trying to fight off the urge to use some pink.

Pink & Black QST #3 - testing more pink
Pink & Black QST #3 – testing more pink

I thought about using something other than white for the background, so I did a little testing. It didn’t really work out, so I ended up going with white.

I am glad I used my mantra “make visual decisions visually”. Even a solid (lower left hand corner) was a little too much pink for me. I could have tried other pinks, but decided just to get it done, so I cut up some white.