More New Pantone Blocks

Pantone selections - April 2024
Pantone selections – April 2024

I spent some time last weekend making the last of the Pantone blocks for our swap.

The first step is always selecting fabric. For this group, I went through practically every bin of fabric except red. I had a really hard time finding fabrics that were close to the postcards.

Pantone selections - April 2024 pt.2
Pantone selections – April 2024 pt.2

I always dislike thinking I have to do the selection, but once I get into it, I am happy. It is also a bonus to discover fabrics I didn’t remember I had.

This batch of postcards had a LOT of browns and beiges. I don’t have a lot of those colors, as you know. I made due. Caramel turned out to be the hardest color. I couldn’t match it with anything brown or beige so I went to orange and found one fabric that looks ok if you squint, in a dark room.  😉

I started making blocks as soon as I was done selecting fabrics. I chose the block design based on what I needed for something like the design I showed you last week.

I just received two more postcards and Julie tells me she has about 6 more cards to send me.