26 Projects 2024 #4

Finished 2024 Quilt Projects

Finished (for me!) Donation Quilts

As you know, I don’t quilt much. I really enjoy the collaborative effort of making a top and allowing someone else to quilt it. Thus, the quilts below are mostly tops, but I will include a finished quilt once someone else finishes it for the group.


Finished Bags and Small Projects

This category covers bags, toys, aprons and knitting as well as other non-quilt projects.

Ready for Quilting / In the Quilting Process

In the Finishing Process

Nothing at the moment


WIPs are projects on which I am working. This means that I am past the cutting out of pieces stage,  some sewing has taken place.

  • Baby B-L Diagonal 9 Patch – blocks in progress
  • Baby Jacobs Diagonal 9 Patch – top complete
  • Green & Grey Diagonal 9 Patch – blocks in progress
  • La Passacaglia – I am working on the border, but need to work more and harder.
  • Palomino pouch – cut out and ready for assembly
  • Retreat Organizer – another project from the Crafty Gemini Organizer Club, also on my list. I have started it, but stopped when I started thinking about whether to embellish the straps.

Cut Out & Stopped

  • EPPic Bag – I need to make a cover/ main exterior piece for this bag. I was thinking of a Pineapple block, but haven’t gotten back to it yet. I am also kind of scared of this pattern. I know what to expect from Sew sweetness patterns, but this is a new designer to me.
  • Hildegarde Notions Trunk – I just cut it out, but will wait a bit before I start working on it

Still UFOs

I still have UFOs. Who doesn’t, after all? A project in the ‘UFO’ category means I am stalled, it hasn’t been worked on in awhile or it is waiting its turn to be worked on. The list is a lot shorter and the projects are newer, for the most part.

I am annoyed that some of these are still UFOs. I have to give myself credit for completing some of them last year.

  • Rose Petrillo bag – I found the pieces for this bag cut out, but not sewn.
  • Superbloom tote using Hindsight fabric – not started. I did pull the fabric, supplies and found a photo I plan to use as inspiration that others posted, so I am one step closer.
  1. Handbag Sampler – I found the blocks! I found them in a bin I thought I had thoroughly searched! I also found the fabrics carefully stored together. Hooray!!
  2. Self Portrait: started in 2006 at a class at Quilting Adventures in Richmond, Virginia. After a brief burst of inspiration, I am stalled on this again. As one of my oldest (I am pretty sure) UFOs, I put it on my blog and out into the Twitterverse and Diane suggested that I not consider this as a self portrait. I think that strategy is a great idea. I am now trying to think of a new persona for her.
  3. Serendipity Lady – I am still planning to take this piece to be framed. It might need a bit of quilting first.
  4. Fabric of the Year 2020
  5. Fabric of the Year 2021 – I may combine 2020 and 2021 into a COVID edition.
  6. Fabric of the Year 2022 – yes, I added this one to the list, but this is the last one I plan to do.

Various & Sundry 2024 #4


Definition of art
Definition of art

My friend, Kathy, posted this on her Facebook page and I think it is a pretty awesome quote.

Projects, Classes, Patterns, Techniques & Tutorials

Do you need to start thinking about small gifts for teachers or co-workers? Try the coffee cozy by Sew Hungry Hippie. Natalie has a video tutorial to help you be successful.

Larissa has just released some new wool felt projects. They are stars and can be used as Christmas decorations as well as other types of decorations. Her patterns are available exclusively from her Etsy shop.

Recently I watched a Fresh Quilting Episode where the host showed how to sew a multicolored binding. I went looking for that episode and found some others as well. Sylvia Schaeffer talks about straight seams and angled seams when doing a multicolored binding.

I couldn’t decide whether this tidbit should go in this category or in NQR. It is definitely not quilt related, but something in which I dabble from time to time. I just finished the book End of Story by A.J. Finn. In it one of the characters folds paper butterflies. I imagined them as large and complicated. I had to look up some tutorials. I didn’t find what I saw in my mind, but I saw a few tutorials and will let you know if I try one. This one by Michelle looks the most intricate.  One from MyCrafts only has a video, which is both good and bad. The Mavink site has a collage of different kinds of paper butterfly tutorials. I’ll let you know if I try folding one.

Tools, Books, Fabric, Notions & Supplies

Fabricworm has moved. Visit them in their new space at 1745 Riverside Ave. Suite A Paso Robles, CA 93446

I saw another request for ideas about where people shop in one of my Facebook groups. Whenever I see that kind of post I wonder if there are people who don’t Google fabric they want then shop online? To each his/her own. Anyway, one of the good things about this request is the suggestions. One was Sew Yeah. I have never heard of them, but they have some interesting fabric.

Brooklyn Fabric has a lot of fabric (not all!) for $9-$11 per yard.

Media, Books and Articles

The New Yorker Magazine has an article called Piecing for Cover, about quiltmaking. A quote from the article explains how quiltmaking helps me when it says “Quilting is a craft that requires the use of the brain and the body, that involves the senses of sight, touch, sound, and smell, that requires mathematical calculation, forward planning, and rapt attention. It begins with a pattern, or, in the case of what’s known as improv quilting, an idea, an emotion, or even just a whim. (“Today, I’m in the mood to make circles!”) Then there’s the fabric. You choose it not only by color but also by how it feels in your hand. For this pattern or idea should the fabric be slick, or should it be nubbly? Do I want to see and feel the warp and weft or am I going for a sleeker effect? Even the smell of the fabric comes into play: it has a mellow, warm aroma, especially under a hot iron.”

Quiltmania is shutting down. Website / IG post. This makes me sad. Go buy a magazine.

Events, Shops, Exhibits and Shows

You know PIQF will be held in July, right?

Other Artists

Friend Julie shared these cool prints with me.


My sister is setting up a sanctuary for dogs who need temporary shelter. Check out the volunteering page. Her descriptions are hilarious.


April 2024 Donation Blocks

I started off strong with my green scrap bin out and using strips as leaders and enders to make strip blocks for my next Color Strip donation top.

I made a few blocks at the Retreat, which helped with my numbers for the month. I am pleased to report that I achieved my goal of 30 donation blocks this month.

Retreat Projects

I brought 4 projects to work on. I was able to work on all of them and make significant progress.

Colorblocks 3 - quilted
Colorblocks 3 – quilted

First, on Friday, I buckled down and quilted the Colorblocks quilt. You will see some in progress posts after already knowing that I finished the quilt, but that is the breaks with my blog. 😉

Colleen did a better job of quilting Colorblocks 2, but I am not unhappy with my work.

As you can see, I have to take out the pins, trim, add binding and a sleeve. I also need to enter it into the Fair. I am really pleased I got to quilt it at the Retreat as it was a lot more pleasant to do an unpleasant job in the company of others.

After that chore was done, I was able to have fun with my three other projects. They are all Diagonal 9 Patch quilts like the one I made for my great nephew.

First, I started out by cutting some strips with the Accuquilt, then subcutting the strips into the sizes I needed. I did this and just sewed. I used 2.5 inch squares I had been cutting and saving from scraps.

Baby Jacobs quilt start
Baby Jacobs quilt start

After awhile I had a good start on all three. After I saw what I had for this version of the pattern, I did some match and began sewing the ‘A’ blocks with determination. After awhile I ended up with a lot of ‘A’ blocks, so I finished the ‘B’ blocks I needed and laid the quilt out.

Baby Jacobs Diagonal 9 Patch laid out
Baby Jacobs Diagonal 9 Patch laid out

I still had to fill in some of the blocks, but eventually I was able to make a square quilt (8 blocks x 8 blocks). I started putting it together on Sunday night and was able to finish in time to get some tickets before the final raffle drawing.

Baby Barney-Liang Diagonal 9 Patch
Baby Barney-Liang Diagonal 9 Patch

My second project, with the same pattern is for my nephew’s new baby. After I made a few blocks, I decided I needed to select darker squares, at least for the patches that are next to the background.

The background is a lot more painterly/ watercolor-y than it would be if I had used white or a light color background. I started off with about a yard and will keep making blocks until I run out.

Baby Barney-Liang Diagonal 9 Patch - show diagonal
Baby Barney-Liang Diagonal 9 Patch – show diagonal

I think it looks like a watercolor quilt from the 1990s (?).

The blue lines indicate the background. You can use the photo above for reference.  I think the fabrics will blend a little, but I think the effect will be good.

Green & Grey Diagonal 9 Patch
Green & Grey Diagonal 9 Patch

Finally, the last quilt I started using this pattern is a much more controlled palette. This is for another great nephew. I made a quilt for his sister and thought I had better make one for him before I sent hers off. They are both teenagers and might not be as understanding as my older nieces and nephews.

I kind of felt like I should work on a bag, but I wanted to do a lot of piecing. These quilts fit the bill.

Making these blocks is somewhat addictive. I want to make more and more until I have enough to make them into quilts. I don’t want to stop!! It was great to have so much time to sew. Of course, it is never enough, but I was pleased I was able to take advantage of the opportunity for so much uninterrupted sewing time.

Thread catcher by Claire
Thread catcher by Claire

One thing I forgot to mention the other day was the fabulous thread catcher that Claire made each one of the retreat participants. She wanted to work through some of her stash so she made 20 of these!!! They are large and amazing.

We each got to pick the one we wanted. I know this one isn’t turquoise, but the turquoise one that was left was not to my taste.

Now I have two thread catchers. I’ll have to figure out how to use them both.


Colorblocks 3 Progress

I made some progress on the Colorblocks 3 quilt. I started making blocks using the Square in a Square ruler**. My YM helped with basic directions for that ruler. I used silk I have had for making this quilt since 2003 or so.

Colorblocks 3-laying out blocks
Colorblocks 3-laying out blocks

I had a plan to make 16 blocks only and began laying out the blocks as I finished them.

I started using a limited amount of colors but it soon felt like the silk FQs were multiplying. I kept finding new and different colors in the stack. I had a little of each color, but mostly pink and blues. No big surprise there.

The blocks went together quickly and the Square in a Square ruler was pretty easy to use. I was disappointed that the blocks ended up all being on the bias. I have to check and see if I missed something about how to cut the fabric so the outside wasn’t on the bias. I was careful not to stretch them unless I needed a little ease.







**N. B. : Obviously, you should shop at local quilt shops and small businesses. However, if you are too busy or can’t find what you need there, I use Amazon affiliate links and may be paid for your purchase of an item when you click on an item’s link in my post. There is no additional cost to you for clicking or purchasing items I recommend. I appreciate your clicks and purchases as it helps support this blog.

YM PJ Pants Finished

YM PJ Pants
YM PJ Pants

At the last minute, or nearly the last minute, before the YM went home, he finished his PJ pants. I provided a little help.

We only had to do the casing for the elastic, and the hem, but it still took a couple of hours. He did a lot better at sewing this time. His stitch lines were a lot straighter than last time, so he didn’t have to rip anything out.

There were a couple of details in the pattern instructions I didn’t understand, but I think we made the finishing work.

Having to finish before he went home stressed him out a little, but I just kept supporting him and reeling him back from the stress abyss.

YM PJ Pants - detail
YM PJ Pants – detail

The fabric is a flannel from Joann called Tarot.

Return from Retreat

Retreat Treats
Retreat Treats

I got back from the guild retreat on Monday night. I had time to relax, look at my projects, unpack as DH was out at a class.

Friend Julie was much more organized than me and took some photos of getting ready to leave. I thought about it several times as I packed, but it just didn’t happen. You can imagine what my living room looked like: bags, sewing machine, tools all piled by the door ready to be loaded into the car.

SIL#2 and I drove down to San Juan Bautista  on Friday where they have a Retreat Center. The guild went there last year, too.  We couldn’t get into the sewing room until 2pm, but they have a quilt shop in SJB that is a great place to visit. We got there a little late so we went straight to lunch with the group and then looked around SJB and went to the quilt shop as well as the Rock Shop after lunch. The Rock Shop had charms and tiny lobster clasps that I started using to make zipper pulls. They didn’t have as good a selection of clasps as they did last year and the ones I was able to buy are a little small.

April BAM Retreat setup
April BAM Retreat setup

I did take photos of my setup at the retreat center.

We each got one 6 foot table on which to work. I put some of my larger bags, like the ruler bag and my Sew Steady storage bag in the car so they wouldn’t be getting in my way with limited space.

The space worked out well for me. I sew in such a small space anyway that the 6ft table was plenty for all of my tools and supplies. In the background of the photos you can see two Tupperware storage boxes with a load of baking in them.

Retreat 2024: View from my table
Retreat 2024: View from my table

The room is large and there were about 20 people in attendance.

Friend Julie sat next to me, on my left, in the corner, which was an upgrade from last year when she was right in an aisle and kept getting bonked as people walked by. Bonnie, the Retreat coordinator, was on the other side of me. Rhonda sat across from me with Peggy the Charity Queen next to her and to my left. SIL#2 was in the corner across from Julie. I was happy with the people around me.

Retreat 2024: View from my table
Retreat 2024: View from my table

Across the room, Michelle and Nicki, who has been absent from the guild since before COVID, were the anchor in the other side of the room. They had a lovely little set up with a lamp and a vase of flowers. I was envious of the lamp as the light changed throughout the day, but had my neck light and that worked very well. I need to put a lamp on my list. I have one I often bring, but didn’t even think about it this time.

Retreat 2024: View from my table- right
Retreat 2024: View from my table- right

To the right from Michelle and Nicki was the rest of the group. Anna, LeeAnn, Sue, Nancy and Joelle were behind Rhonda. The Cravens covey was over there by the cupboards with Amy, Christine and Claire. I thought the setup was really good. There were no design walls, but we used the floor and the cutting tables and any horizontal surface we could. It wasn’t ideal, but it worked.

Peggy's Scottie Dog donation quilt
Peggy’s Scottie Dog donation quilt

People, as you might expect, worked on a variety of projects.  Peggy finished at least two quilt tops. One was an adorable Scottie Dog pattern made from 2.5 inch squares. She claims to have over 2,000 2.5 inch squares to use up, so she is a master at coming up with new patterns in which to use them.

I made a few green strip donation blocks, but these two efforts were the only charity projects going. There was no incentive to make charity blocks or quilts, which was a shame.

Rhonda's cat quilt
Rhonda’s cat quilt

Rhonda worked on a class project quilt from about 8 years ago. She was able to finish the top and the back, which was a great achievement in my mind since the project had been languishing for so long.

Rhonda’s project served as a great discussion starter for various ways of putting quilts together. I, of course, talked about chunking. Others talked about the webbing method, which I have to try some time.

Bonnie's Christmas circles
Bonnie’s Christmas circles

Bonnie get my prize for determination. She started a quilt at last year’s retreat and finished the top at this year’s retreat.

I really like the design. I am not sure what tool or pattern she used to make the quilt, but it is great. I like the delicate line of the curves. I want to make Black Jack from Color Girl Quilts, which also has circles, but is not the same sort of design. Perhaps I’ll have to have a year of circle quilts?

MaryC's Buffalo Plaid
MaryC’s Buffalo Plaid

MaryC, sitting in the Covey of Cravens, was churning out quilts and various projects like there was no tomorrow. She showed us her Buffalo Plaid quilt.

I was impressed with how it really looks like plaid even though the fabrics weren’t particularly plaid- like. She chose the right colors to make it look like a plaid.

Friend Julie brought her City Sampler quilt project and it is a beauty. Seeing hers I am embarrassed at mine.

Christine's Anna Maria quilt
Christine’s Anna Maria quilt

Christine was on a finishing jag. She finished a silk table runner and I am really sad I didn’t get a picture of it. She also finished this Anna Maria Horner pattern. The back was a fabulous large flower print that everyone loved.

I think Christine had the right idea by bringing binding and sleeves to work on. It seemed like she was showing us finished pieces every 5 minutes.

Joelle's scrap quilt
Joelle’s scrap quilt

My favorite quilt was probably Joelle’s scrap quilt. She made the lines of piecing on adding machine tape** (do you know what that is?). I like Joelle’s work. Her quilts have a clean, precise look to them that is very appealing. This quilt is no exception.

I also like the way she has sort of gradated the colors. I sort of want to make one of these, but I also don’t.

SIL#2's Pinwheels
SIL#2’s Pinwheels

SIL#2 brought her Accuquilt Go Baby** and cut up scraps, some of which she used to make pinwheels. One of our nieces is having her second baby in August and the pinwheel quilt will be for that baby.

I am not sure how big she is going to make the piece, but she said she will probably put sashing between the pinwheels. I guess she doesn’t want to make another dozen pinwheels, but wants the quilt to be larger.

Claire's Make It Work donation quilt
Claire’s Make It Work donation quilt

Finally, Claire worked on some donation projects. This one is made from many 16 patch blocks that I made, so I was excited to see what she did with the bits. This is one of her ‘Make it Work’ projects.

One of the reasons I enjoy the retreat is seeing other people’s projects. I like to see people’s progress and how they problem solve.

I’ll talk about what I worked on in another post.








**Obviously, you should shop at local quilt shops and small businesses. However, if you are too busy or can’t find what you need there, I use Amazon affiliate links and may be paid for your purchase of an item when you click on an item’s link in my post. There is no additional cost to you for clicking or purchasing items I recommend. I appreciate your clicks and purchases as it helps support this blog.

Pink Palomino Pouch #2

Pink Palomino
Pink Palomino

I started another Palomino Pouch as part of the Pink Project. I wanted to try and succeed at the gluing step that closes up the sides.

I have everything cut out, but have to find a zipper that matches. The fabric is definitely pink, but more of a peachy pink than the Pink Dot Bluestem or the Pink Piebald and I am not sure I have one that will match. I might have to use white or some other contrasting color. I do like it when the zippers look like they belong on the pouch.

New Pantone Blocks from JZS

April Pantone Blocks
April Pantone Blocks

Along with garment sewing and a new bracelet, I also got some more Pantone blocks from Julie at Sew Day.

I have a stack of postcards to match and plan to do that this weekend. I owe her several and hope to bring them to the Retreat.

Pantone ideas - evolving
Pantone ideas – evolving

We are almost done making the blocks, then it will be time to put the quilt together. Perhaps I will use this design – or something like it – sooner than I think.

Colorblocks 3

Colorblocks 3 - EQ8 layout
Colorblocks 3 – EQ8 layout

Cyndi W suggested we all do a challenge for the Fair. This year it is a color challenge.

For fun, I looked in EQ8 to see if I had any old designs from the previous quilts. Colorblocks is way too old for there to be an EQ8 file. I made that quilt in 1990.


Silk FQs
Silk FQs

I wasn’t going to do it, because I have enough on my plate at the moment. Eventually,  I decided I would. I decided that it would be a good opportunity to finally use up that silk fabric I bought a long time ago. Back in the day, I had the intention of making another Colorblocks quilt, then never did. This project has been on my Dream Project list for awhile AND it will qualify for the President’s challenge this year. If I finish it, I will get a lot of bang for my quilt buck.

Colorblocks 3 tester block
Colorblocks 3 tester block

I am using the Square in a Square ruler I bought through the guild last year. I made a test block out of scraps to get a feel for how it would work. I am pretty happy with the way it turned out. Except for the bias on the edges, I think it looks great.

I have some time and the piece will be small. Fingers crossed!

FOUND! Handbag Sampler

Handbag Sampler blocks
Handbag Sampler blocks

I finally found the Handbag Sampler blocks!!! They were in a bin at the top of my fabric closet

I need at least a few more blocks, which means I have to find the fabrics I used. I have the focus fabric, the handbag fabric, but the others weren’t with it. I haven’t looked for them, but I am confident that they are together and I didn’t use them for something else.

This sampler start has a really different look than the Aqua-Red Sampler and the Original Sampler, though many of the blocks are the same or similar.

Slap Bracelet Gift

Julie designed slap bracelet
Julie designed slap bracelet

Julie made a cool cover for the bracelet from the Retreat last year. She used the slap bracelet as a base to slide inside the cover.

Mine has been sitting on my desk for a year not doing anything. I thought hers was so cool that I asked her to make me one. This is the package I got at Sew Day the other day. The thing with buttons is the cover for my slap bracelet.


Wearing my new bracelet
Wearing my new bracelet

I had to do some jamming in to get the bracelet into the cover. Then I sewed the piece shut and can wear it.

YM PJ Pants

At Sew Day the other week, I spent the time helping the YM start some PJ Pants. I know you are ROTFL when you think of me and garment sewing. Have no fear, I was under complete supervision.

I was thrilled, and kind of surprised, that the YM was willing to go to Sew Day with me.

PJ Pants pattern
PJ Pants pattern

He is in town working during the week, but comes over on the weekends. He wants to learn to make clothes better, especially costumes for events like Sakura-Con. I am not a great garment maker, but I thought I could handle this pattern, if Mary was there to answer questions. SIL #2 was also available for consultation. Sew Day was a great opportunity to work with him.

Mary C had told me that PJ pants were a good starting project. I couldn’t get the pattern she suggested, but I got one that was marked as ‘Easy to Sew’.

When she saw it, she was pleased. She told me that the pattern she has is really old and that this one would do fine. WHEW! There are three pattern pieces total. As a bonus, the pants have pockets.

YM prepping the pattern and fabric
YM prepping the pattern and fabric

Mary started out helping the YM, but I took over partway through as she was doing some handwork. I didn’t think it was fair to make her keep getting up.

There was a table set up near the kitchen and Mary suggested he work there. It was actually perfect, because it gave him plenty of room to work. As a bonus, I could get steps in walking back and forth.

He made a pattern with tracing paper first and did all the prep. He was surprised at how long the prep takes. I was reminded of my complaints about cutting out bags. Like mother like son, I guess.

YM Sewing pajama pants
YM Sewing pajama pants

He eventually got to sewing. My promise that the prep was worth it all came true then as the pants went together very quickly.

I brought my travel sewing machine with us. I was afraid he wouldn’t get to sewing and it would have been a waste, but he did get to the sewing part.

He needs practice, because some of his seam lines wandered a bit, but the more he sewed, the better he got.

YM and his almost pj pants
YM and his almost pj pants

He almost got the fabric to look like pants by the end of Sew Day. You can see in the photo that the outer seem is just clipped. They do look like pants, though.

He sewed the outer seam and zigzagged all the seams the next day. We only have to do the elastic in the waist and hem the bottom and he will have pants.

I suggested that he make a few pair to get into the groove. I explained to him how I like to make a bag pattern a few times to get the feel of it. I don’t know if he will do it, but he didn’t dismiss the idea out of hand.

Palomino Pouch Finish

Palomino Pouch Finished
Palomino Pouch Finished

The Palomino is finished! I am going to make another one right away. This pouch has only a few pieces and with the way the side panels and zipper are inserted, it is very easy to put together.

This is a gift for a friend and the fussy cutting is important.

Palomino Pouch-lining Finished
Palomino Pouch-lining Finished

It really went together pretty well, in general. I had some trouble inserting the lining. It does have the same glue closure as the Piebald. Not so great as I missed the instruction to stop at the 1/4 inch mark when sewing the lining together, so the edges shredded a bit (Moda fabric) when I ripped out some of the stitching. It would be really helpful to have a free arm when making this pouch.  Now I know, so I’ll do better next time.

No drop-in lining or binding: perfect.

Palomino Pouch-top Finished
Palomino Pouch-top Finished

The zipper I used is one of the set I bought from Sew Hungry Hippie. I wonder if Natalie of SHH collaborates with Tula on the colors? The green matched the butterfly fabric exactly.

I thought it might be a little big, but the pattern called for a handbag zipper. I tried two zipper pulls, but it didn’t work with this pouch design so I took one off.

I took the opportunity to fussy cut the side panels as well. I can’t help that these motifs run into the partial motifs on the main panels, but I still think the side panels look good.