Finished: Pink Palomino Pouch

Palomino Pouch #2
Palomino Pouch #2

I finally took some time on Mother’s Day to finish this pouch. It has been laying around for a few weeks. It was the  perfect project for Mother’s Day. I got to sew AND I finished something.

Palomino Pouch - end
Palomino Pouch – end

This is the second one of this pattern I have made. It is a fairly easy project, though the turns on the curved end are tight. Again, I did some fussy cutting, which I think looks nice.

I know this isn’t exactly pink; it’s more peachy, but it does show the range of pinks. I am definitely in the “give me bright pink” like the Bluestem Pouch camp. Still, this is a nice soft look

I was also pleased that the gluing together part worked for me this time. I had a better idea of how to do it and I am sure that helped.

The other thing I did was to sew down the quarter marking areas. I did a few steps over the quarter marking to tack the various pieces in place, then I went around the whole pieces. That worked pretty well, though those curves are tight for my machine.

Palomino Pouch interior
Palomino Pouch interior

The inside looks like an inside.

I used a leftover zipper and one of the zipper pulls from Sew Hungry Hippie. I also forgot to put a label inside. Oh well.