SueS’s Scissor Cozy

SueS asked me to make scissor cozies, as mentioned. I decided to make her one as well. She has done a lot of work int he past couple of months with a couple of extra projects in the works. The annoying thing was pulling fabrics, but once that was done, it was just as easy … Continue reading “SueS’s Scissor Cozy”

Scissor Cozies

SueS asked me to make scissor cozies for a couple of the officers. She bought them scissors and had them engraved. The two really went above and beyond during COVID. They entered a difficult situation, before COVID, and stepped up magnificently. This is a Sotak Handmade pattern. Again, I watched a little of the video, … Continue reading “Scissor Cozies”

Gift Post #6 2019: Mom’s Scissor Cozy

I finished Mom’s Scissor Cozy on November 17, but couldn’t post about it until today. I had trouble on both of the cozies with the tips. I am not sure how to remedy that except to eliminate the batting near the edges. i don’t know if that would work, but I’ll try it if I … Continue reading “Gift Post #6 2019: Mom’s Scissor Cozy”

Arty Running with Scissors Finished

As I mentioned, I made another Running with Scissors tote. As you can see, it is for my mom and made with the paint tube fabric I bought last year. It will go with the rest of the set (Poolside Tote, Persimmon Pouch, Mega Pinnie and Scissor Cozy). This version is an improvement on the … Continue reading “Arty Running with Scissors Finished”