Arty Running with Scissors Finished

Arty Running with Scissors Tote
Arty Running with Scissors Tote

As I mentioned, I made another Running with Scissors tote. As you can see, it is for my mom and made with the paint tube fabric I bought last year. It will go with the rest of the set (Poolside Tote, Persimmon Pouch, Mega Pinnie and Scissor Cozy).

This version is an improvement on the previous version, but still not where I want it to be in terms of quality of sewing.

Arty Running with Scissors Tote-inside
Arty Running with Scissors Tote-inside

The best part is that I think the binding looks great. I am also pretty pleased with the inside. I made an effort to make the stitching really even and consistent. I think I succeeded, but we’ll see what mom thinks.

I have, actually, had this done since March. It was killing me not to talk about it every step of the way. However, my mom reads the blog and I wanted to surprise her. As soon as she saw the fabric, she would know it was for her, so I had to keep quiet.

I can’t wait to see what she puts in it and whether or not she uses the ironing pad.


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