Cyndi’s Scissor Cozy

I wanted to show you more of the details of the scissor cozies I made last month at the request of SueS. I wrote a little about the reasons and showed all of the cozies together in a previous post.

Cyndi's Scissor Cozy
Cyndi’s Scissor Cozy

First, I wanted Cyndi’s to match the Oslo tote I made her in a swap a year or so ago. I rummaged around and found some similar fabric.

I couldn’t remember if I added a D-ring to the Oslo tote and I didn’t see one in the photos on the post about that bag. Too bad, but I am sure she can find something on which to clip it.

Cyndi's scissor cozy - Wunderlabel
Cyndi’s scissor cozy – Wunderlabel

Next, I wanted to use my Wunderlabels, so I got those out and figured out placement.

As an aside, I really like those Wunderlabels. They are elegant and as long as I remember to sew one on, they work great. I am pretty sure I will buy more when I run out.

Cyndi's scissor cozy - Advent label
Cyndi’s scissor cozy – Advent label

Third, I wanted to use the Advent labels as well. Pouches are the perfect project for these fun labels and I think the recipients would appreciate them.

I did a lot of prep, which you know I think seems like a waste of time. The day I worked on these, however, I tried to have a different attitude. I tried to think of the prep as another step in getting the pouch finished. I finished sewing that day in a much better mood and feeling like I had accomplished something rather than being frustrated that I hadn’t accomplished enough.

The cozies in general came out very well and I am pleased.

SueS’s Scissor Cozy

Sue's Scissor Cozy
Sue’s Scissor Cozy

SueS asked me to make scissor cozies, as mentioned. I decided to make her one as well. She has done a lot of work int he past couple of months with a couple of extra projects in the works.

The annoying thing was pulling fabrics, but once that was done, it was just as easy to make 3 as it was to make two.

Sue's Scissor Cozy - inside
Sue’s Scissor Cozy – inside

I wasn’t sure what color to make so went with a blue, which I, then, cut wrong and didn’t have enough yardage to cut another piece. I chose the above Allison Glass fabric and was more careful about cutting. I also chose a light blue/turquoise inside. I liked the fabric, though I probably should have gone with a white as I can see dark corners in the piece already.

You can see my Wunderlabel on the inside right side of the pouch.

Sue's Scissor Cozy -label
Sue’s Scissor Cozy -label

I also used one of the Advent labels to add a little fun tot he piece. I really chose the label because of the color. It matches. Maybe next time I’ll think about the message as well.

Leaf Scissor Cozy

Leaf Scissor Cozy
Leaf Scissor Cozy

I made another scissor cozy the other day to give as a hostess gift. As I said when I made Maria’s and Gerre‘s, I like making these. I don’t know if they are useful, but they are kind of a unique gift and something not everyone makes.

For once I remembered to quilt the piece before cutting it out. It was quite a bit of quilting, but I think it looks nice.

I can’t quite decide how long to make the leash, so this one is pretty long.

I used some fabric I have had for ages, which turned out well.

Gerre’s Scissor Cozy

Scissor Cozy for Gerre
Scissor Cozy for Gerre

Back in January I made a scissor cozy for Maria. I decided, at the same time, to make one for Gerre for her birthday.

I really like this project. It is pretty quick, has room for customizations (see leash) and can be made, mostly, with supplies on hand.

As with Maria’s I upsized this one. I don’t know what size scissors Gerre has, but I am sure she will find a use for this.

Scissor Cozy

Maria's Scissor Cozy
Maria’s Scissor Cozy

I got a bug in my ear to make some scissor cozies over the weekend. I’m not sure why, but I just went with it and made two. I didn’t like the way the tips came out, but I am pleased with the overall effect.

I made a scissor cozy for Julie and one for my Mom some time ago, so I had the directions, which I tried to use. There was some confusion, so went and looked up the pattern on Sotak Handmade’s IG feed. It turns out she has a YouTube tutorial now, so I watched that. She has tightened up the pattern and made a few changes, which worked well for me.

I used flannel for the inside instead of batting. I am not sure it made the corners much thinner. I might keep the batting away from the corners in a future version.

This one was for Maria just because. No particular reason. Making two was just as easy as making one. I added the leash.

Scissor Cozies

Mom's Scissor Keeper
Mom’s Scissor Keeper

I have been thinking about the Scissor Cozies I made recently.

I went on a mini-rampage flinging things out of my fabric closet and filing other things away. At the end of it, I had found an already quilted piece of fabric/ Soft & Stable left over from the Cargo Duffle.

In general, it has been a week of tidying and tossing things into the donation pile. One thing I found that I put into my new Sewing Machine Suitcase was a pair of Fiskars scissors I used to keep in my office (I would sew there on my lunch hour). I have several pair and didn’t need another in my sewing room, so I thought the suitcase would be a good home.

Scissor Cozy for Julie
Scissor Cozy for Julie

This led me to think about making a Scissor Cozy for them, especially after I saw another IG post about the free tutorial from sotakhandmade.

I might need to make the template larger as those Fiskars are on the large side. I can cut it out from that extra piece of fabric, though the piece is large enough to use in a Running with Scissors tote, so I might want to rethink. Regardless, I’d like to use that piece for something and get it out of my fabric closet. It is one of those things that floats around without a real home.

Gift Post #6 2019: Mom’s Scissor Cozy

Mom's Scissor Keeper
Mom’s Scissor Keeper

I finished Mom’s Scissor Cozy on November 17, but couldn’t post about it until today. I had trouble on both of the cozies with the tips.

I am not sure how to remedy that except to eliminate the batting near the edges. i don’t know if that would work, but I’ll try it if I make this pattern again. It’s a cool shape.

The pattern is free from sotakhandmade.

Gift #4: Julie’s Scissor Cozy

Scissor Cozy
Scissor Cozy

I finally got my head around the Sotak Handmade scissor cozy tutorial. This is one I made for Julie from the same fabric I used for the pillowcase I sent along with her walker bag.

Mine is a little different as it has a leash and a lobster clasp, so it can be clipped to another bag. I don’t know if I have made Julie a bag with a D-Ring. I’ll have to put it on the list for next year.

I was thinking I could make one of these pouches for my Ultimate Carry All Bag  or All Rolled Up tote and clip it to the inside.