Whole Cloth Quilt


  • 100% cotton fabric
  • 100% cotton thread – Aurifil 28 wt


  • Machine quilted
Whole Cloth Quilt: front
Whole Cloth Quilt: front


  • Year: 2012
  • Size: 30.25″ x 31″
  • Fabric: Kona Cotton, Art Gallery solids

Quilted By:

  • Jaye Lapachet


  • San Mateo County Fair,  June 2014



This quilt was made in response to a Bay Area Modern Quilt Guild Whole Cloth Quilt challenge.

I went to Chicago right before I started this quilt was inspired by the art exhibited at the Art Institute of Chicago. I was particularly inspired by a piece of furniture and a design popped into my head. It was a good time to give in a engage in the entire process of quiltmaking- from design to binding.

Whole Cloth Quilt: back
Whole Cloth Quilt: back

Everything with this project went very smoothly. The fabric arrived, I had enough tracing paper and the right tools to draw the design. I found my Saral Transfer paper and was able to transfer the design to the fabric with little to no drama.

I am using Aurifil 28wt thread and it is working well and playing nicely with my machine.

Making this quilt was like it was meant to be, like the quilt was waiting to come into fruition.

I was only able to quilt for about 6 hours at a time and even that was pushing the friendship. The quilting took quite awhile, especially since I stopped and started a lot. I would have done better to quilt a couple of hours a day, but the set up and clean up is daunting.

I’d like to use this design again for another rendition of this quilt. I wouldn’t do it as a whole cloth quilt again, but perhaps fusible applique’.

This quilt was shown at the San Mateo County Fair in 2014


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