Flower Sugar Hexagon

Flower Sugar Hexagon
Flower Sugar Hexagon


  • 100% cotton fabric
  • 100% cotton thread


  • Machine pieced
  • Longarm quilted



  • Year: 2011-2014
  • Size: 76”x78”
  • Fabric: Flower Sugar from Lecien, Art Gallery Linen

Quilted By:

  • Colleen Granger



This quilt started because of some directions for quick cutting of hexagons that Adrianne Ove posted on her Little Bluebell site in February of 2011. I was interested in the size of the hexagons-6” from one flat side to another across from it. I influenced Pam Cobb, from Hip to Be a Square podcast fame, and Sandy Hasenauer from Quilting for the Rest of Us to join in. Pam made a button and we all got busy.

I bought the fabrics in a group at Wooden Gate Quilts in December of 2010 when my sister-in-law and I went on an East Bay Shop tour. I loved the promise of a shabby country house drawing room that the fabrics suggested. I loved the fabrics when I started, but not so much as time wore on. I wish I had known to add some fabrics from different lines to spice up the piece. The value of the different fabrics are all the same and don’t create any kind of contrast.

Pam finished her piece first, in November of 2011, and the rest of us had projects that languished. I lost interest in the look of my piece and also in the Y seams. Other projects drew my attention.

Hexagons require a lot of Y seams. Y seams are not hard, but they are a pain because they require a lot of stopping and starting. It isn’t convenient to chain piece or do any type of leaders and enders technique while piecing hexagons, thus I had to be dedicated.

In January of 2014, right around New Year’s Day, I got a bug in my ear and started working on the piece again. I changed the way I was working on it. I started assembling an entire row of hexagons, then adding that row to the main piece rather than adding one hexagon at a time. It worked much better and went faster. I don’t want to say that I blew through finishing the top, because adding the last four border rows took me all day one Saturday.

I was pleased to finish this quilt. I didn’t like having it hang over my head.

Flower Sugar Hexagon back
Flower Sugar Hexagon back

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