Wonky Nine Patch

Wonky 9 Patch Sewn
Wonky 9 Patch Sewn


  • 100% cotton fabric
  • 100% cotton thread


  • Machine pieced
  • Machine quilted



  • Year: 2012-2014
  • Size:52”x52”
  • Fabric: various

Quilted By:

  • Jaye A. H. Lapachet



I wanted to name this quilt Zeus & Athena, because it sprang fully formed, pretty much, from my head. Unlike Zeus, I didn’t have a massive headache beforehand. I had a lot of influences, though, so I just went with a simple title.

Kathleen's Wonky 9 Patch
Kathleen’s Wonky 9 Patch

The first inspiration was a quilt by Kathleen Robertson, a fellow member of the Bay Area Modern Quilt Guild. She showed her version of the quilt at a meeting and it stuck in my mind. She used a pattern by Elizabeth Hartman of the Oh Fransson! blog. I have done wonky cutting, and perhaps even wonky 9 patches, before, so I reviewed the directions, but kind of did  the cutting my own way.

I bought a fabric pack of oranges from a shop called From Here to Quilternity. I really liked the variety and different scales, but didn’t have a project in mind. With the oranges still on my mind, I saw the photo, from Pinterest (below) with the combination of blue and orange and thought that it would really make a striking version of Kathleen’s quilt. I had to add some oranges to the FQ pack just to get enough variety.

Pinterest Color Inspiration
Pinterest Color Inspiration

On May 18, I started cutting squares and had the quilt the size of Elizabeth Hartman’s ready to put together. I decided that it was too small, so I made 10 more blocks. While not a bed quilt, it is large enough to wrap up in or play on.

Then the quilt sat for awhile. A long while until I was off of work in August 2014 and I decided that it was one of the goals that I would accomplish while I was off. I did, then sewed on the binding and voila! Another finish.


Part of the Niece-phews series.

Collection of Aidan Lapachet

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