Finished Pink Dot Bluestem

Pink Dot Bluestem pouch
Pink Dot Bluestem pouch

I finished the first Bluestem. It is a small (pens would fit well), firm pouch with the opportunity to use fun zippers and zipper pulls.


Pink dot Bluestem - side view
Pink dot Bluestem – side view

I have the idea to make a group of pink bags for a fundraiser or raffle gift and this is the first of the possibilities.

This pouch doesn’t take very long to make. The main pattern piece is an odd shape and I couldn’t imagine how the bag would be put together. I had to watch the video and that helped a lot.

I have to say that, unlike other Sew Sweetness Squad members, I don’t watch the whole video before I make a bag. I just get started, then watch the parts that I need to watch when I am confused by the directions. Sometimes I feel bad about that, but it works for me.

Pink dot Bluestem - inside view
Pink dot Bluestem – inside view

The construction made me worry about raw edges at first, but Sara uses some doublefold (foldover) elastic** to cover the inside raw edges. I am not great at that part of the process, but I am getting better!

You can see the foldover elastic peeking out at the top of the photo, left.

I am pleased with that pale pink solid. It’s from Art Gallery and just looks perfect.

Pink dot Bluestem -end
Pink dot Bluestem -end

I am also pleased with how the zipper and the foldover elastic came out together. I admit that I hand stitched one side of the elastic. I just wasn’t confident to stitch both sides at once on the machine. I plan to make more of these, so I’ll get there.

Pink dot Bluestem -label
Pink dot Bluestem -label

I also remembered to add a label!









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