Green Diagonal 9 Patch

Green Diagonal 9 Patch
Green Diagonal 9 Patch

I only mentioned this quilt briefly in the Retreat Projects post. Now that the Retreat Organizer is off the design wall, I was able to put this quilt up so I could look at it and work on it.

As mentioned I started this quilt at the retreat, but I just made blocks. I didn’t really have space to put them up on a design wall and look at them. Now that I can, I am pretty pleased. I like the variety of greens. I also like the contrast with the background.

I still have about 60 blocks to make, which is a lot, but doable if I sit down and do it.

I could use this as a leaders and enders project with the Retreat Organizer, but I have been using the green donations quilt blocks as leaders and enders. I’ll start making blocks again soon.

I haven’t actually worked on it since I put it up yesterday, but the opportunity it there. This will be the newest of the Niece-phews quilts.

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