Please Note: That is Not Me

There seems to be a lot of confusion around come of my recent posts where I have used Clipmarks. Clipmarks is a social networking tool for posting and providing attributes to non-AQ websites and blog posts I use in my blog. Each Clipmark post has an address bar at the top giving you the original URL or link to a blog post, so you can go back and read the whole thing. It is good to use the links to go back and read the original post as I often don’t convey the original meaning of the author’s post, but put my own personal spin on it.

I use Clipmarks when I see a fantastic image that provides inspiration or someone has posted something particularly interesting that I don’t feel like rewriting or reviewing. I was turned on to it by a subscription newsletter called Neat Net Tricks. Check it out!

Which brings me to the title of my post. The picture of the lady in the post from yesterday is NOT me. She is from Apple Blossom Quilts. See the cartoon to your right? That is me. πŸ˜‰

Halloween Revisited + Some General Notes

I was browsing Deirdre’s Sloppy Studio when I came across the Sassy Art Goddess blog. I think of this as the best pumpkin I saw.

Other notes and tidbits:

Yarnstorm has some new and interesting links to other blogs. Pea Soup is quite good and I love the creativity of the names of people’s blogs. How about Lobster Squad? Kind of makes me wonder if Artquiltmaker is a misleading name since nothing that I am working on currently could remotely be called ‘arty.’ Her drawings remind me of what I would like my visual journal to look like. Oh, yes, visual journal. Got to get back to that….

I was asked when is the best time for me to write my blog and my other writing and I really can’t figure it out….yet. I often write in my journal in the morning and my blog at night – bookending the day with writing. But I also write more blog posts on the weekends and more journal entries during the week. Today I am writing in my blog in the morning and I definitely feel much more energetic about it. Of course, since I am not at home, I don’t have all of my tools, so the posts are more texty that full of pictures,perhaps skewing the impression? Let me know if you see a difference in the posts I write in the morning vs. the ones I write at night. I know you are rolling your eyes at my unreasonable demands, but just let me know if you notice! Otherwise just read on!

Artquiltmaker blog has not shown up in Technorati yet, per my Entering the Internet Age post. I will have to investigate. The blog is showing up on Google results, however, which, I guess, is good. I haven’t seen any additional traffic, but also don’t have a counter. More investigation required, I believe.

Have a great day!

Entering the Internet Age

Well, I have finally done it. I have allowed Google, Technorati, and all of the other blog search engines to index Artquiltmaker blog. Up until now all you were here because of word of mouth or somehow stumbling on to my blog. You are the elite, the special and the charter members. Thank you for reading and commenting.

I am putting myself out there now, so, faithful readers, please excuse, in advance any spam comments or weird things that happen to the blog. You can reach me through the comments section or from the mail to page at

Updated Blogroll

In case you hadn’t noticed, December and July seem to be bad months for blogging for me. Don’t give up! This, too, shall pass. Like everyone else I am busy, though trying to be relaxed about the whole holiday thing. The cards are done, except for a few “problems” and one where the card and address are never in the same place at the same time. We’ll get there. Presents, pies, TTSP!

Blogger seems to be bleeding quiltmakers. Both Deirdre and DebR of the famous Red Shoe Rambling have defected to other blog services. In any case, I have set up an account on WordPress as well, but haven’t moved everything there yet. Darn! Not a trendsetter this time. Stay tuned.

New on the BlogRoll

Pam RuBert!

Pam Rubert is one of the artists featured in Quilt National. She does comic like quilts that show a great sense of humor. She had a quilt in PIQF 2004, which is where I first saw her.

Art Quilt Reviews is also new. I put it on the list, because it looks like a great source of new work. I will take it off if it doesn’t live up to the hype I have created. πŸ˜‰

Blog Reflects Work

the dearth of posts to my blog reflects the dearth of quilt work in my life lately. I did take it upon myself to dust off the old sewing machine this weekend and finish up those napkins that have been languishing for months. JCN sent me some lovely new napkins and, although I had planned to get to these languishing bits of fabrics, her work shamed me into it.

I also mended some pants that have been on the ‘to mend’ pile for months as well. Now I have some templates out as I need to get going and make the basket block that my students were assigned before the Christmas break. Immerhin, I suppose. Photos to come.

Blog Out of the Closet

Well, I did it and came out of the blog closet to the Mavs. It is cool, actually, because a few people have commented. Now I feel pressure! I had better sew something tonight!

The quilt class is off for tomorrow, so I am off the hook for that preparation, but I would be smart to get my act together early rather than waiting until the last minute. I did pick out other blocks and make some of the handouts, so that is something. I also got some help on the basket block from EQ Tech Support. Penny responded, so I felt really special! I have to look at what she did and see if it will work.

Of course, I could finish the Drunkard’s Path and Grandmother’s Flower Garden blocks as examples. I feel a little lame for not having done those blocks yet.

I want to sew some more of Feelin’ Blue, Too (new name after talking to JZS and Aja) together as JZS and Aja are way ahead of me in putting the quilt together.

We’ll see. I may just rest.