Feelin’ Blue, Too – Top Complete

Feelin' Blue, Too Top
Feelin’ Blue, Too Top

I finished the top of Feelin’ Blue, Too last weekend. I finally finished the back yesterday. I haven’t applied the label yet. I did something different with the label this time. Mom bought me some printable fabric, so I created a label in Word and then printed it on fabric. I included a headshot of myself! Not sure why, but I did. It looks nice, but feels somewhat odd.

The color of the top nags at the back of my mind again. The oranges really stick out and I hope not too much to take away from the blue.

I haven’t found someone to quilt either of the quilts yet. I have a space reserved with CG, but she won’t be back until the end of the month and I won’t receive them back until August 15. I am amazed that she left right at the time that people would want to have their quilts quilted for the show. Of course, all of those people, myself included, should have been more organized.

The last post about Feelin’ Blue, Too was on July 2, 2005.

Author: Jaye

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4 thoughts on “Feelin’ Blue, Too – Top Complete”

  1. jaye – i don’t htink the orange detracts from teh blue at all! i think that it helps the scan of the quilt – did i say that right? it helps your eyes move around it. it looks really wonderful and i can’t wait to see what the next group is that you do.

  2. Thanks, Kristen, I appreciate your comments. I don’t know why I am obsessing about the orange in this quilt. I think it has been hanging around too long. Perhaps I wanted more blue, but then I worry that if there was more blue viewers’ eyes wouldn’t move around the quilt. I think I need to get it quilted and get it on to my site and out of my sight. 😉

  3. DebR- I think that you are right. I think it needs the orange. I was planning on hanging it in my bedroom, but am wondering that if I do, will I obsess about the orange instead of sleeping? Is this what a tortured artist feels like? Perhaps I need to get out from under these deadlines and do some fun sewing.

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