Great Petaluma Quilt Show

Mom and I went to the Great Petaluma Quilt Show last weekend (8/13). We had a good time spending time with each other (a rarity these days) and looking at the quilts. We had a nice time – lunch at McNear’s and iced coffees at a smoothie place that was brand new. It wasn’t hot, but I was comfortable in my skort and t-shirt. I had my jacket along and kept putting it on and taking it off as the clouds passed overhead. I was hoping for kind of hot weather as we have seen nothing but fog at home since mid June.

Petaluma is a nice little town, once the egg capital of the world. Kentucky Street has great, period storefronts, both architecture-wise and retail-wise. I bought a couple of Christmas gifts (yes already!) at an interesting shop that I was sure I would remember the name of, but have since forgotten. I also admired the tiles in the entryways of the various establishments. As I am such a fan of tile and mosaics, I took some photos of the more interesting (and clean) ones for future inspiration.

Tile Entry
Tile Entry

The thing I like about tile and mosaics, in general, is that the designs relate to quilt designs, thus providing inspiration. I also marvel at the workmanship of the designs.

Tile Entry detail
Tile Entry detail

The quilts were hung outdoors along Kentucky Street, which seems to be one of the main downtown streets in Petaluma. I hadn’t been to the show in a long time. Mom claims that we went together last time and it was over 10 years ago. I am not sure about the date, but I am sure I could dig up photos if I looked hard enough.

The quilts were nice, but there didn’t seem to be very many of them. They were getting a bit beaten up, because of the wind. I saw one red and white quilt I liked that had redwork on it. It wasn’t classic redwork, but motifs of a paperdoll and her clothes. The border was of little Mary Engelbreit-esque flowers. I really liked it. It was a good design and I am a sucker for red and white quilts.

Opportunity quilts were displayed as well. We walked by at least 5 guilds with their quilts out selling tickets. I bought a few tickets, but not all. The Marin Needle Arts ladies had a prime spot in front of the town museum.

Marin Needle Arts Guild
Marin Needle Arts Guild

The town museum used to be a library. It is a gorgeous stone building with two stories, the second of which is in a balcony/mezzanine type configuration, with a huge leaded and colored glass dome in the ceiling. The entry to the building has tile, which says Free to All. My camera was acting up (long story) so I didn’t get a photo of it, but I will sometime. Inside the museum, aside from the local history exhibits, were the Hoffman Challenge quilts. My favorite was a peacock. It was a small quilt, but the tail was heavily machine embroidered. It was fabulous.

The park at the end of the street (closer to the freeway) was filled with vendors.From the vendors, it seemed that they had combined a normal Farmer’s Market Day with the quilt show. As with most Farmer’s Markets, there were fruit and flower vendors. Along with the vegetable and lavender tables were quilt vendors as well. CG was there in her capacity as fabric sales woman and I couldn’t leave without buying some of the fabric I had seen when I picked up my quilts. I bought what CG and her cohorts call “niblets.”


The “niblets” are the red and yellow fabrics. They are from a collection of subtle food fabrics. The icky green is close, but not the same group. I like this grouping of fabrics and may try to keep them together in order to make a quilt sometime. The group is a little on the dark, Autumn side, but not too dark. I am sure the yellow would spark it up enough. Not sure what kind of design I would use, but I have enough projects to keep me busy, so will let it percolate for awhile.

There were a number of vintage quilt vendors. One vendor had bought an old quilt from another vendor and she let me take a photo of one of the blocks. It was a block that was completely on the bias, but I liked it. I’ll have to revise this post and post it later, as those pictures are in a disposal camera that I bought after the battery on my digital failed once and for all.

After the show we stopped at the Quilted Angel. I hadn’t been there in a long time, but it was just as I remembered. They had a room in the back with LOTS of books. I didn’t remember that room from before, so perhaps that room was added since I went there last. I couldn’t resist buying more fabric.

Petaluma Quilt Show Purchases
Petaluma Quilt Show Purchases

The above picture shows all that I bought. I also love the grouping of fabrics with the dots.

I would love to have a day or two to whip out an easy, but graphic block quilt with these fabrics. I don’t see it happening in the near future.

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4 thoughts on “Great Petaluma Quilt Show”

  1. glad to know that quilted angel is still the quilted angel. suzi sold it in – um – april? can’t remember exactly. yep, kentucky is a main street. lots of groovy shops there. McNears is my college haunt. Rob, our friends and i used to be there every sunday evening (no monday classes my last few years *smile*) and Thursday evenings as well (that’s right, no friday classes either)….great fun! the food is good too.
    sorry i wasn’t able to be there.

  2. I really wish there was the equivalent of People Magazine for the quilt world. Inquiring minds want to know. Why did she sell. Is the quilt biz tanking? Should we all buy a ton of fabric to be fully stocked when all of the quilt shops close?

    I am sorry you missed it, too. I didn’t know you were in Petaluma during college. Sonoma State? They didn’t have a lot of wheat free options, so it was a bit hard, but the tacos were good.

  3. no, biz isn’t tanking. i think that her husband retired and she decided she wanted to also. she and ron moved to – erm – grass valley i believe. suzi is one of my MIL’s best friends.

    and yep, i went to sonoma state. so did rob, though he graduated while i was in spain and i didn’t meet him until after i returned. got my degrees in psychology (research) and spanish (cultrure and literature). i loved SSU and felt like i got a very good education at a small school. i lived in rohnert park, but petaluma was just a wee skip away.

  4. I don’t know why I am so sad that you are so so far away, but I am. I know it is good for you, because of your mom being so close, but still…We’ll ry tom ake it up there for skiing and see you then.

    Sonoma State sounds great for you.

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