Sun in DC

We had sun in DC today for the first in 2.5 months. It was a thrill to get off the train and see sun. I know some of you are sick of the sun, but I have worn a jacket and long sleeves all summer. School starts tomorrow for the kid, so I have been working on that rather than sewing. Still, I did finish sewing the binding on to Feelin’ Blue, Too yesterday and immediately started working on the sleeve. The sleeve is just a tad too big, but I will sew it to the binding rather than redo it. This means that both bindings are done. Hopefully, I am on the home stretch.

Author: Jaye

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3 thoughts on “Sun in DC”

  1. ooooooh, how lovely! i always loved it when it was suddenly sunny in the city when i was working there.

    and hooray for master third grader tomorrow!! i hope he has a really fun day.

  2. DC, I’m thinking, what? Jaye is in DC again (as in Washington DC)? Oh, yeah *that* DC as in the town you actually live in. Heh, doesn’t take me long, nope not me! Hope the kid has a good start to school.

  3. Thursday was REALLY sunny and hot, so that was great for the kid who had the afternoon off.

    He told me, after school, that [insert drama here] all he had to look forward to was another long and boring year. Hopefully, it will get better.

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