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If you haven’t gotten on the Electric Quilt bandwagon, I suggest that it is time. Aside from the software being really useful with tools for making templates, creating rotary cutting directions, working out visual problems, there is a vast block library and GREAT customer service. They also have a lot of freebies and downloads on their website. One of my faves is their fabric library downloads. Each month they put up another group of fabrics for download. These virtual fabrics add to your collection of fabrics in the program and keep you in the latest virtual fabrics for your project. You can use these files in any of your EQ6 (and some EQ5) projects.Check it out.

Download the Fabric Libraries

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2 thoughts on “Electric Quilt Freebies”

  1. more fabric arrived today. I had to get out of the boxes when I saw the dots… how did I not remember Amy butler’s fabulous *dots*? This getting the shop open thing is making me a crazier-than-normal person. I sure wish you were closer… I’d plan a whole event around your pineapple quilt. I’m sneaking in to the sewing room tomorrow evening. (stealthy-like. The toddler musn’t know) weird, making a ‘date’ with my patchwork, but my iron-obsessed fifth child won’t be happy until he’s sporting a triangular burn on his forehead. ugh. Can’t wait to see a finished border on ‘Thoughts on Dots’… oh, the suspence! Cami

  2. You are so sweet! I’ll send you the quilt on loan, if you want to plan an event around it. I have to finish it first, though. 😉

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