I haven’t had much time to post lately, but wanted to post something. The ‘Net gods and Time goddesses are conspiring against me to get the job done. I uploaded a boatload of county fair photos to Flickr, thinking it would be easier to share them. HA! I got the nasty message that I needed to upgrade my account, because they were hiding all but 200 of my photos. I finally tried to bite the bullet and do it, but Yahoo/Flickr is having a glitch and won’t let me pay. This has happened at least 3 other times when I have tried to upgrade, so perhaps it is not meant to be! Stay tuned for Fair photos: coming soon to a blog near you! πŸ˜‰

I also worked on Cross Blocks (Flowering Snowballs) while I was in LA over the weekend. I finished four, but haven’t been able to press or photograph. Stay tuned for Cross Blocks: coming soon to a blog near you! πŸ˜‰

While I did a little facilitation in making this quilt, MavMomMary did all the heavy lifting, then we had it quilted. This is a quilt for one of the nephews. The light green squares have drawings done by friends and family

News and Notes
Patricia Cummings has posted her book, Redwork Embroidery and Needlework Traditions in Europe and America, on her website. Previously reviewed nationally, and previously in print, the book is offered for your enjoyment and enlightenment, free of charge. Both quilts and antique textiles are shown in the book.

Enjoy it at

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2 thoughts on “Conspiracy!”

  1. I enjoyed the article by Judy Martin. I love making quilts and am thoroughly in agreement with her comments about enjoying the whole process.Life is too short to be doing more chores than you strictly have to, and when the hobby becomes a chore, it’s the wrong hobby!
    Judith at

  2. Judith: Glad you enjoyed the article. She is a great and I really like her work. I absolutely agree that people who make quilts as a chore should not be making quilts.

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