What’s on the Design Wall

Design Wall, 3-22-2009
Design Wall, 3-22-2009

I thought I would give you a view of my design wall. It is packed to the gills right now and I may have to drag out the portable design wall. You can see the Tarts.

In the bottom middle are the swap/friendship blocks I am starting to work on with my SIL.

On the left side are patches for the FOTY 2009  quilt, which is in its infancy.

I am thrilled with how much I am sewing! I never have enough time to do as much as I want, but I feel like I am accomplishing a lot and that feels good. Quiltmaking is actually taking over time that I usually spend doing other stuff, so my time management skills, in general, appear o the outside world to be deteriorating. I blame it all on podcasts, which allow me to immerse myself in quilting when I can’t even be at the machine.

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  1. Vicki: thanks! I found that most of my most used and much beloved fabrics are bright, clear colors, so I am trying to use them.
    TFQ: Yes! If all goes well, I will have more space and time on April 4.

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