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Like many of you, I often scan through the photos on a blog and move on when I am in a rush. Linda has once again demonstrated her generosity with a recent post on her “Birth of a Quilt Class Kit” tutorial. Take the time to read her tutorial, especially if you are tasked with putting together a quilt kit for the first time. She does the job professionally and tells you how to do it thoroughly.
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Happy Spring,A Tutorial on Making a Quilt Class Kit and Color Fix

So, this kit should be perfect for you to take on your travels too. It has everything you will need. I hope you enjoyed the “birth” of a class quilt kit!
Every quilt instructors kit will be different. We all have our way of doing things and put a little piece of ourselves into the kit. If you can’ take a class from me, “The Dolphin Dance” is also a pattern that can be purchased at my website…(fabric not included).

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