New Fabric

I swear I only bought the purple dot and two of the Christmas fabrics for gift bags. The shop sent me all of these fabrics including those little reindeer fabrics (hhmmm).

Fabric, April 2009
Fabric, April 2009

I had an idea for the dots and one thing led to another, but I am not going to that cool quilt shop in Carpenteria unless my sister pays. No more fabric for me for awhile.

Author: Jaye

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3 thoughts on “New Fabric”

  1. I keep saying the same thing. But then, my car always seems to drive me down to the quilt shop or sewing shop, and more fabric gets into my cart and I end up paying for it!

  2. Well, I am on a little roadtrip and the fabric fates have been thwarting me. Two shops I have tried to go to have disappeared. I don’t mean gone out of business, either, I mean just not there – the address and everything. I am going back to my stash and going shopping there!!!

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