K. S. Perino Pencil Roll

K. S. Perino is one of the participants in the CPP, so I peruse her blog periodically to check out her prompt responses. As I was doing that this morning, I saw hat she had made a pencil roll. I have seen the pattern for pencil rolls on the Pink Chalk Studio website and Julie over at High Fiber Content even made me one for my birthday last year. I really like the pencil rolls and have been contemplating expanding/adjusting the pattern a little to accommodate knitting needles.

This pencil roll is one of the best that I have seen. First, it is gorgeous. Next it is even more useful because of the little zippered pouch that the artist added (note to self: learn to put in zippers!). Finally, the little details such as the fabulous machine quilting and the little charms on the ends of the ties really make the piece.

I am thinking that one of these would be great to replace the ziploc bag in which I carry my PITT pens around.

clipped from finishinglinesbyksperino.blogspot.com

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  1. Thanks Jaye! And yes, I made my customized bag to tame the plastic, freezer, zipper-bag I was previously using for pens and pencils. It was fun to play around with some different ideas,then come up with something that worked for my stuff. Have fun!

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