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In the middle of the craziness last week, I just had to make myself a new napkin. We use cloth napkins in my house. Why not? There is a boatload of great conversatonal fabric and plenty of it is in my fabric closet. I don’t use many conversationals in my own work, but I seem to buy them anyway.

During the great Iron-Off that is ongoing I came across two conversationals that would go really well together, so I made a new napkin. Not four, not a set, just one.

Raspberry Cake Napkin
Raspberry Cake Napkin

On the back is a luscious raspberry print. The motif is so good that the raspberries look good enough to eat.

The front has that funky cake print. There is a lot of pink, aqua and turquoise.

I use a full FQ for my napkins. I do not try to make them perfectly square and I like having my entire lap covered when I eat.

The bad part about this little project is that neither of these prints will end up in FOTY 2009. Oh well.

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