Gift Post #4

See? I really did go on a jag making these wallets. It was a great project that I could make quickly. After making the first one, I was able to make one in about half an hour, not including the bit of hand sewing required.

Philip Jacobs Wallet - closed
Philip Jacobs Wallet - closed

The version above uses that great Philip Jacobs fabric I bought at Always Quilting after PIQF.

Philip Jacobs Wallet -inside
Philip Jacobs Wallet -inside

One issue I am having with this project is the selection of fabrics. As you can see from the various choices I have made, I have tried different things. I like this combination, mostly. I like that the Philip Jacob fabric has different areas that I could select from. The ‘foil’ fabric was a challenge. I don’t mind the solid, but I would have liked something a little more active (a tone-on-tone, perhaps?) since it shows quite a bit on the bottom, especially when the wallet is open.

Philip Jacobs Wallet -outside
Philip Jacobs Wallet -outside

I love the Philip Jacobs print! It is so fun. This particular colorway is quite loud, but it works. It works for my mom, the giftee, as well. I made it with the intention of putting a gift card in it and the young man ended up getting her a gift card and I gave this to him as the wrapping.

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2 thoughts on “Gift Post #4”

  1. I ended up buying a ready made wallet like this. I put it away for safe-keeping and now need to pull it out! Thanks for the reminder.

    If you wanted more hand-work, you could always hand-sew part of the design outline – similar to the way Sarah Ann Smith’s samples for her free motion sewing class look. On her blog Mid-December.

    Happy New Year!
    😀 eirdre

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