Pillow Time Again

NSGW Pillow #1 - 2011
NSGW Pillow #1 - 2011

This is the first first of a series of pillows I will be making over the next month.

My DH is an executive board member for a California organization called the Native Sons of the Golden West. In addition to supporting the preservation of California history, they raise money to help people suffering from facial deformities such as Cleft Palette. During their elections, each of the candidates opens a hospitality room. They do their best to raise the most money for Cleft Palette. To do this they display items, such as gift baskets, for sale. People purchase raffle tickets or bid on items. The competition to put out the best items is fierce, because each candidate wants to draw the most people to hospitality room. They get kudos for the amount of money they raise.

Last year, the pillows were a big hit. People bought many tickets and when I made a brief appearance for the Grand Ball, people wanted to place orders for pillows. I told them they had to buy raffle tickets. The pillows and the gift baskets put together for DH raised over $600 to donate to the NSGW Foundation. Get a donation form on their website.

The Young Man was visiting his grama so I spent time (when I was not doing Easter stuff) working on the pillows. I did a kind of log cabin design around the printed flag and emblem with leftover strips from various projects that are piling up on my desk for the Spiderweb.

I have all of the pillow tops done, but haven’t made the backs for all of them.

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