Stars for San Bruno #1 Top

Stars for San Bruno #1 Top - Complete
Stars for San Bruno #1 Top - Complete

I finished the Stars for San Bruno #1 top Saturday afternoon. I will, hopefully, take it to the quilter next week and send it off to its new owner soon thereafter. Stay tuned! Thanks to everyone who contributed and helped.

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10 thoughts on “Stars for San Bruno #1 Top”

    1. Thanks! The open spaces will provide some nice space for my longarmer’s creative quilting. SherriD’s ( stars (border, bottom left) came at the last second and really added a nice touch to the quilt border. I hope the recipient’s like it. Thanks for reading.

  1. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO you honor me with that border!!! I said to self, “Are those all MY stars???” and sure enough, they ARE! Silly stars. And there will be more in the other quilt you’re making too! I am SO glad I was able to help out! Well done! Love the yellow line accent!
    woohoo Jaye! 😀

  2. Looking really good Jaye! Do you want some pieces of dark blue fabrics to use? I don’t know how much I have but I can send you some… It is always funny to figure out those gaping holes in our fabric stashes!

    1. Sure! If you have some dark blues, that would be great. I used all the dark blue I bought except for a small strip on this quilt. Sigh. I also bought a medium blue and wish I had bought more of the dark. Oh well. Anything you have that you want to contribute will be great. Thanks.

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