FOTY Triangles Beg. September 2011

Early Sept. FOTY Triangles
Early Sept. FOTY Triangles

Despite my misgivings, I am plowing ahead with my plan to cut triangles until such time as I have a new plan.

Mom and Lil  Sissy were over when I took this picture. Lil Sissy almost had a heart attack when I started to take the pieces off the wall. She didn’t realize that it was part of the process!

The process for making the FOTY quilts really lasts all year long. I don’t get to the sewing until the following year, usually, but I cut and arrange all year long. My process for working on the FOTY quilts is:

  • Buy fabric
  • Wash fabric
  • Press fabric
  • Cut pieces, including triangles from fabric
  • Put triangles on the wall
  • Photograph triangles
  • Remove triangles
  • Repeat.