Creative Prompt #122: Dress

A garment

special occasion dresses

formal dress

dress a salad

wedding dress

get dressed

dress your hair

put on a dress

wear a dress

dress-up box

dress code

dress uniform

dress rehersal

Dress quote: Enjoy life. This is not a dress rehearsal and another quote “Sometimes I wish I could go back to the days when I was six and my biggest problem was what kind of dress to put on Barbie or whether or not I had enough Legos to build a fort”

cocktail dress

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apply dressings

party dress

Definitions: [verb] a : to make or set straight b : to arrange (as troops) in a straight line and at proper intervals ; 2: to prepare for use or service; specifically : to prepare for cooking or for the table <dress a salad>; 3: to add decorative details or accessories to : embellish ; 4 a : to put clothes on <dress a child> b : to provide with clothing <feed and dress a growing family>; 5 archaic : dress down ; 6 a : to apply dressings or medicaments to <dress a wound> b (1) : to arrange (as the hair) by combing, brushing, or curling (2) : to groom and curry (an animal) c : to kill and prepare for market or for consumption —often used with out d : cultivate, tend; especially : to apply manure or fertilizer to <dress a field> e : to put through a finishing process; especially : to trim and smooth the surface of (as lumber or stone); [intransitive verb] 1a : to put on clothing b : to put on or wear formal, elaborate, or fancy clothes <dress for dinner>; 2 of a food animal : to weigh after being dressed —often used with out; 3: to align oneself with the next soldier in a line to make the line straight ; — dress ship : to ornament a ship for a celebration by hoisting national ensigns at the mastheads and running a line of signal flags and pennants from bow to stern

Definitions [noun]: 1: apparel, clothing; 2: an outer garment (as for a woman or girl) usually consisting of a one-piece bodice and skirt; 3: covering, adornment, or appearance appropriate or peculiar to a particular time; 4: a particular form of presentation : guise

Definition [adjective]: 1: suitable for a formal occasion <dress clothes> <dress shoes>; 2: requiring or permitting formal dress <a dress affair>; 3: relating to or used for a dress <dress material>

prom dress

bridesmaid dress


dress-up dolls

dress meat