Various & Sundry 2011 #17

I was so thrilled at the response I received to my last Various & Sundry post that I am excited to start this one. I really appreciate the comments you leave and I do read all of them. One person didn’t agree with me on some points and I appreciated hearing her viewpoints, especially since she disagreed nicely and didn’t imply that I am an idiot! 😉


Attack of the Hexies
Attack of the Hexies

Attack of the Hexies is still going strong, though I think people are silently sewing them together. Sew Excited posted some tips on her blog that I thought were useful, especially for people who don’t sew in blobs, but like to sew in rows.

Pam over at Hip to be a Square podcast also posted about working on her hexagons. I thought about working on my hexagon piece over the weekend, but was derailed by the Food Quilt. She said she will win the race. I didn’t know there was a race, but I am already ahead.

Janome came out with a new machine over the weekend, The Horizon Memory Craft 12000. I would love to get one of those in the mail, kind of like the review books I sometimes receive, so that I could review it. I don’t think the machine actually hit the stores until October 1 and I didn’t pay attention to the launch party on Saturday, so I don’t know all the features and details. It looks like a hybrid between the Memory Craft 11K and the Horizon. I always thought I would buy another Janome for a lot of reasons, but after my recent servicing drama, I am not so sure. I have to be fair, though. I don’t know how much of the issues were the age of the machine vs. technician error. Buying a new machine isn’t in my future for at least the next 8 years, so the point is moot. It will be interesting to see what machines are available in the next 8-9 years!

Adrianne, over at Little Bluebell has posted a great post on color palette tools. While some of the tools are quite sophisticated and require special software, most are readily available to you on the web. Check out her post and expand your color horizons!

Jennifer Ackerman-Haywood, Craftsanity interview maven gets interviewed n Petit Purls blog. Check out the post. I love the weaving loom photo. The paper envelope/book project Jennifer has on the CraftSanity site has, as Anne Shirley would say, lots of scope for imagination.

As if SeamedUp, Creating the Hive (slightly different) and My Sewing Circle weren’t enough, now we have Tomspoolery! They have a pink and green brand and launched in beta on 9/6. I read over the welcome message, which I thought was well done. How is this crazy competition going to shake out?

Other Artists
Camille Roskelley is part of the Moda County Fair blog hop. Her post was on 9/9. Her family has the most gorgeous skin! I love the colors of her blog. If she posted 5 times a day, I wouldn’t get tired of looking at the polka dot chair and the aqua she uses. Anyway, the post shows all the blocks she has made for the Farmer’s Wife Quilt-a-Long and I love them. I want them. I don’t want to make them, but I want hers! I know I went back and forth about making them. Blocks are always tempting for me, but I just can’t devote the time right now.