Various & Sundry #20

Swatch and Stitch is a blog and the posts recently have been very colorful.

Weeks Ringle and Bill Kerr, formerly of FunQuilts and now of Modern Quilt Studio, have a new magazine. It is called Modern Quilts Illustrated and you can see a preview on Craft Nectar from October 25, 2011. Each issue will be $14 and a subscription for 3 issues will be $30. Call (708) 445-1817 to get an issue or a subscription. (No affiliation).

I get the Fig Tree Quilts pamphlet periodically. It is called Fresh Vintage. When I receive the newsletter/pamphlet, I usually think I should cancel, because it is very thin and I usually just skim it and put it down to read more thoroughly later. This time, I actually did read it more thoroughly and realized that there is always a very useful tidbit or review in it. This time there was a blurb about using a fabric line. Joanna gave a rule that makes a lot of sense: use 80% of the fabric line and 20% of other fabric in your quilt. Isn’t that great? Doesn’t it make sense? I think it is a great way to make the quilt in which you have used one line of fabric, your own.
Deirdre’s QR Quilt is finished! More info at If you can get the code to work on a Blackberry, contact her.

I got on the phone with Mark Lipinski yesterday and talked to him about some crocheted flowers I saw on the blog/website of one of his guests, Margaret Hubert. They struck me, because one of my great grandmothers (my grandmother’s father’s 4th wife, I think) made me a red had that snapped under the chin covered in these flowers in multi-colored yarns. My head looked like a garden. She didn’t like the thank you note I sent her so she never made me anything again. If I can find the hat, I’ll post a photo. It is so funny that those flowers are back!

Speaking of Mark, did you see the video he and Jodi Davis did?

Many of you have seen or created or used QR Codes. They are the black and white squares that are popping up all over marketing materials. My friend, Deirdre, also the web/tech guru of this blog, has made a QR Code quilt. It is wonderful – soft on the inside and techy on the outside. You will need a QR Code reader on your smartphone to read the code and be taken to the website to which the quilt leads. Awesome!

Web in General
Why are you here?
Why are you reading this blog? Do you have certain expectations of what you will read? Am I meeting your expectations?

Why am I asking you this? (So many questions!)

There was a post on Camille Roskelly’s blog recently. She highlighted a comment from someone who was irritated that Camille was posting pictures of her kids. The commenter insisted that Simplify was a business blog and that Camille should stop posting about her kids.

Camille seems to get a large number of mean comments. Perhaps it is because she gets so many comments?. Perhaps it is a numbers game? I like her blog. I like seeing her kids (those kids have gorgeous skin! It has to be Photoshop, right?); I like the creativity of her photos.

I feel bad for her. I feel bad for anyone who puts their thoughts out there and gets mean comments. I don’t mean constructive criticism. I am talking about mean. I once got a comment where the poster said “…too bad your color choices are so hideous.” I didn’t think she was correct, but I still remember that comment. I am sorry she thought my color choices were hideous, but I would like to know why she felt the need to tell me in such a brutal manner. I am under no illusions that I get it right all the time, but hideous seems a little harsh. It was probably someone I work with getting back at me for making them to their job.

I can also appreciate that people have different expectations for a designer’s blog. I also feel that people are entitled to express their opinions and/or to click away from the offending post or blog.

I am here because I enjoy writing. I have a separate non-quilt project going and I need practice writing. This blog is my practice. It is an added bonus that I get to write about fabric and quilts and creativity. It is even more of an added bonus that you, dear reader, read and comment once in a while. Thank you!

I don’t post much about The Young Man for other reasons, but I do reserve the right to post about him and other stuff, if I feel like it.

I feel like I am ranting a bit lately. I’ll try not to do it too often. Now back to our regularly scheduled programming….

If you haven’t seen SammyK’s Spoonflower site, you have to go an look. Go ahead, I’ll wait. Back? Good. Doesn’t s/he have awesome stuff? My favorite is the Chefalopod. I have to find a reason to buy that panel. It is so hilarious.

I have talked on and off about the Disappearing 9 Patch. I used it for the Food Quilt. Mrs. K asked me about the Disappearing 4 Patch, which I remembered vaguely from my mom talking to me about it. She found it and sent me a link. It doesn’t demand my attention, but I like the pattern more than I did the last time I saw it.

OMG! Camille Roskelly posted pictures of her individual Farmer’s Wife blocks. They are gorgeous! I want them. I’ll have to do something similar when I get enough of the A-B-C challenge blocks.

I hope I can find enough content to fill up a color section. I saw this wonderful slideshow on color from someone on Twitter. I don’t remember who that smart, sharing someone was and I apologize, Smart Sharing Someone. I’ll try to do better.

Promising myself NO MORE FABRIC is a bad idea. Well, it is a good idea in theory, but, frankly, doesn’t work in practical terms. I do things like buy fewer fabrics in larger pieces. Well, that doesn’t help the closet situation.

It also doesn’t help that I continue to surf the web, especially following links from blogs like Camille Roskelly’s. I love her colors and her friends’ colors are the same. Today I followed a link to Pretty By Hand. Dead. I am dead. I saw that Lecien has a follow-up line to Flower Sugar. The Pretty by Hand writer (no idea what her name is…sorry) wrote about it. Mostly the same type of colors, better patterns. I am dead. Dead, I tell you. I need to sew faster and NOT look at any links sent out from Quilt Market. No matter what.

I went to New Pieces to pick up the Zig Zaggy quilt. I took the opportunity to talk to them about quilting the Food Quilt. I was really impressed with their business-like attitude. The people who do the actual longarming weren’t there, but the two ladies who were there gave me a lot of good information. They told me, generally, what they do and what they don’t do. I really appreciate how upfront they were about it. They hauled out a laundry basket of quilted samples of their design. I thought that was a great idea! It gave me a good idea of stitch quality and variety of design.