26 Projects List

Here is the problem, which I think I have finally discovered since writing part 1 of this post. I move too fast in the quilting/sewing world to have lingering UFOs.

I wrote last time about needing to finish or abandon these projects because I needed the brain space. Also, I need to finish these projects because I am always on to the next idea. Today I was desperately trying NOT to think about the ColorBlock design. My whole afternoon sounded like this in my head:

Voice in my head #1: “hhhmm, what if I were to use a layer cake”

Voice in my head #2: “stop that! No new projects!”

VIMH#1: “I could calculate yardage for using a layer cake OR a jelly roll strip because they have about the same amount of yardage”

VIMH#2: “do you see the work on your desk? Budget? Contract? 12 phone calls needing to be returned?”

And on and on it went all afternoon. Finally, on the train home, I just calculated yardage. VIMH #2 is off for the weekend anyway. But this is how it goes! I have to get busy and do these WIPs. I really can’t imagine not having any WIPs, but it is good to have goals.


Here is the list, in no particular order:

  1. Stars for San Bruno #2: finishing up binding and pleat on the back needs to be fixed. I am thinking of a heart.
  2. Stars for San Bruno #3: I need to start sewing the stars together.
  3. Pavers. Finished! YAY!
  4. Food Quilt: needs quilting, backing and binding.
  5. Jelly Roll Race: this quilt does not have good design. I am thinking of cutting it into different shapes and using the shapes for something else. I could make a bunch of interesting 9 patches.
  6. Original Bullseye: needs border, backing, quilting and binding.
  7. Corner Store: foundations cut; blocks not made
  8. Spin Wheel: really not started, but supplies gathered.
  9. Infinity blocks
  10. A-B-C (A-Z) BAMQG Challenge – I am actually not sure if this should be considered a WIP, because I don’t really have enough blocks with which to make anything yet.
  11. Aqua-Red Sampler – steady progress and isn’t really weighing on my mind, except for the fact that Frances has still not finished her Dresden Plate. What am I going to do with her?
  12. The Tarts Come to Tea: I haven’t quilted on this since April. I need to work on the quilting. I was making good progress and then got sidetracked.
  13. Kissy Fish: nearly finished, but I keep on fiddling with the embroidery and hand stitching.
  14. FOTY 2011: not finished with cutting. Plan to sew at the end of January 2012.
  15. Flowering Snowballs: I think this is a candidate for abandonment. Hand piecing doesn’t do anything for me and I am bad at it. I think I should make an effort to square up the blocks before I completely abandon the project.
  16. Garden
  17. Flower Garden
  18. Moon and Stars: need to finish handquilting. This quilt is not interesting.
  19. Pointillist Palette #4
  20. See: needs satin stitching.
  21. Self Portrait
  22. Spiderweb
  23. Under the Sea: class project; like the design, but not the colors much.
  24. Pineapple: horrible mess. None of the ideas I have to salvage this project make me happy.
  25. Flower Sugar Hexagon
  26. Young Man’s t-shirt quilt: have cut up the t-shirts and am in the process of applying fusible.

A lot of this is excerpted from the WIP post I am compiling so I can post at the end of the year or the WIP post I posted at the end of 2010. Do you read these or are they too boring?

Ok, Officially, I, now, have 25 projects.